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5 Exhibition Design Trends that will Wow Your Visitors in 2024

Given the rapid advancements in AI and technology over recent years, it’s evident that this year’s focal point will revolve around innovation. From biophilic design and the use of colour through to shareable experiences and modular strategies, understanding the latest exhibition design trends will ensure you stay ahead with the evolving landscape of custom events and exhibitions

Let’s explore the top 5 trends we believe will influence and shape tradeshow experiences this year, giving marketers, brand managers and agency producers the key components to innovative brand success.

1. Sustainable and Biophilic Design

At DisplayWise, we believe a sustainable design strategy is worth the investment. Eco-friendly design practices are becoming increasingly important in exhibitions from sourcing sustainable materials and waste reduction practices through to carbon-offset measures and maximising energy-efficient outcomes. According to a report by Nielsen, 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products

It’s true, embracing sustainable design is a step towards creating a positive brand image, telling a compelling story that mirrors your values and practicing environmentally conscious practices. However, sustainable solutions do sometimes come at a higher cost so get in touch with DisplayWise to discuss your must-have and desirable objectives to ensure we can make the right recommendations for your brand this year.

Additionally, bringing nature indoors is a design trend that’s gaining traction not just for its visual appeal. Greenery and biophilic design elements, such as plants, natural materials and organic shapes, create a soothing and inviting atmosphere that can be replicated in an exhibition environment. Think lush greenery, earthy tones or raw materials to enhance the feeling of well-being and productivity in your space. Our Industrial Designers can work with you and your brand guidelines to help create the right mood with a visual and tangible link back to the sustainable environment if this aligns with your objectives.

biophilic Design, cardboard tubes with greenery, weatherboard panel exhibition stand with greenery in timberboxes

2. Minimalism with Maximum Impact

The concept of “less is more” is taking more of a precedence in exhibition design with clean lines and simplistic style. This design approach encourages the viewer to focus on the core message and products, ensuring that nothing distracts from your brand essence. Start by making a list of your most essential elements that align with your brand’s core message, then determine how you intend to communicate these to your target audience. For example, why not consider a streamlined digital display showcasing your products or a touch-screen kiosk that encourages visitor engagement? Next, to maximise this approach, opt for bold typography, minimalistic graphics or a tonal colour palette to convey key messages in your brand narrative.

Don’t be afraid to embrace negative space in your stand design either to focus your visitor’s attention. Remember, by curating a more focused selection of content and products creates a clear visual language that not only enhances aesthetics but also directs attention precisely to where it matters.

3. Shareable Experiences with Technology

Technology is revolutionising the way brands interact with their audiences and in recent years we’ve seen the exponential growth of how generative AI is transforming the custom display strategy.   Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and interactive displays are on the rise to create shareable and engaging experiences that extend into new markets and have the power to enhance brand exposure beyond a local perspective. According to Forbes, VR experiences in exhibition booths can increase the time visitors spend at a booth by 40%. Talk to us about your ideas for incorporating technology into your exhibition stand or we can help guide you on everything from interactive flooring and touchscreens through to gamification and LED or video content to create a unique brand experience for visitors. 

4. Bold and Vibrant Colour Palettes

The use and application of colour in exhibition stand design cannot be underestimated. This year, bold and vibrant colour palettes are making a strong comeback as they set the tone for your space to influence visitor engagement and foot traffic to your stand. Colour and visuals are powerful elements that can be used to evoke emotions and reflect your brand’s personality that’s sure to create not only a visually stimulating environment but a memorable brand experience. Start by experimenting with your brand guidelines and try out colour blocking techniques (taking colours that are on opposite ends of the colour wheel and pairing them together) to create a completely new and bold aesthetic. Our custom stand producers will work with you to formulate the perfect exhibition brief and provide you with high-quality 3D renders to ensure you can visualise the end result before going into production.

5. Modular and Flexible Designs

Brands are increasingly in demand to demonstrate ROI and value for money in their promotional channels and activities. As such, modular and flexible designs are becoming a core briefing requirement as they promote brand consistency, interchangeable campaign customisation, reconfiguration and scalability. This trend enables brands to make the most of their exhibition investments, whether at a small trade show, large-scale event or even cross over into an outdoor or retail environment.

Our Industrial Design Manager – Specifications, Alana Cho, explains:

“With modular design, you have the power to navigate any doubts; such as your custom space size, layouts or budget constraints”

“You also have the flexibility to scale up or scale down the design and this thought process starts right from the beginning during the design brief stage. Modular design can be good for your budget with the use of recyclable components but more importantly, it’s good for the environment too. If you’re attending multiple shows throughout the year, you can achieve a consistent look and feel for your brand by opting for a modular design” says Alana. 

Jabra exhibition stand at edutech bright bold custom exhibition stand
Jabra, EduTECH 2023
Jabra exhibition stand bright bold custom exhibition stand at Security & Integrate at ICC Sydney
Jabra, Security & Integrate 2023

Case Study

DisplayWise partnered with Jabra to deliver not one, but three beautifully crafted stands at three separate events, with the purpose of reusing elements to produce a unified brand experience and meet key business objectives.

The brief required three separate stand configurations with reusability identified as a key objective of the project lifecycle. This analysis and design approach in the initial development stage ensured the display elements could be adapted for multiple uses and we could recommend the best materials based on budget requirements and scope of work as well as reducing the need for constant reinvestment. As such, flexibility and modularity became central to the design which allowed for seamless scaling up or down to suit the respective shows. With meticulous attention to detail, DisplayWise crafted bespoke elements that were not only visually stunning but also designed for careful handling and future use.

Read more on this through the link: Jabra

As the design landscape of exhibitions continues to evolve, it’s crucial for brands to stay current and embrace the trends that align with their identity and goals. At DisplayWise, we understand the importance of creating exhibition spaces that not only follow the latest design trends but also tell your brand’s unique story. From biophilic design and the use of colour through to shareable experiences and modular strategies, get in touch with the team and we’ll work with you to understand your holistic custom display strategy to develop realistic solutions that will make the most out of your investment.

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