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1 - Jabra - DisplayWise

Resusability meets technology


DisplayWise partnered with Jabra to deliver not one, but three beautifully crafted stands at three separate events, with the purpose of reusing elements to produce a unified brand experience and meet key business objectives.

The challenge was to promote Jabra as the world leading brand in audio, video and collaboration solutions in three separate exhibition & event settings, all with distinguishable  target audiences. Jabra provided an initial concept & brief which was further refined in collaboration with DisplayWise.

Exhibition & Events
Integrate, EduTech & Waters Edge
12X9 & 6X6
Yellow and Black Exhibition Stand with integrated lighting and meeting space at Security & Integrate show at ICC Sydney
2 - Jabra - DisplayWise


The brief required three separate stand configurations with reusability identified as a key objective of the project lifecycle. This analysis and design approach in the initial development stage ensured the display elements could be adapted for multiple uses and we could recommend the best materials based on budget requirements and scope of work as well as reducing the need for constant reinvestment. As such, flexibility and modularity became central to the design which allowed for seamless scaling up or down to suit the respective shows. With meticulous attention to detail, DisplayWise crafted bespoke elements that were not only visually stunning but also designed for careful handling and future use.

The first and smallest event was for Waters Edge at Circular Quay, which featured a curved edge counter and a large custom desk solely dedicated to house the different business units on display.

For the EduTech Exhibition, Jabra occupied a 36sqm space on the show floor, one of the largest Education events in Australia covering the latest trends, market disruptors and technologies shaping the education sector. Jabra initially attracted the attention of attendees with a custom-made unique free-standing structure which incorporated a yellow acrylic branded box. This feature was positioned over the carefully constructed meeting room, finished off with custom acrylic windows and an operable door. The space inside was fitted out with a custom arch desk, chairs and greenery.

The exterior of the stand featured two custom made product peg boards to display the Jabra range of headsets, highlighted with illuminated letters on top as well as a large graphic wall. LCD screens were also placed strategically around the stand as well as seamlessly integrating energy-efficient LED lighting throughout to captivate the attention of customers and immerse them in the various product category experiences.

For the Security and Integrate Exhibition, DisplayWise reconfigured the elements to suit a huge 108sqm space position, with the addition of a home office space featuring another custom u-shaped desk and shelves, as well as another overhead timber structure and branded acrylic box.

Jabra exhibition stand at edutech bright bold custom exhibition stand
Yellow and Black Custom Exhibition Stand with integrated tech and LCD screen with people testing products at EDUTECH exhibition


Jabra was thoroughly impressed with the exceptional work that resulted from their collaboration with DisplayWise. Our exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail and ability to reuse and repurpose the stand elements at three shows was instrumental in bringing Jabra’s concept to life and achieving brand outcomes. The innovative solutions and resourceful execution ensured the activation surpassed expectations, solidifying Jabra’s position as a market leaders in the industry.

4 - Jabra - DisplayWise

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