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Indo Pacific

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Making an Impression @ Indo Pac


DisplayWise was again recognised as AMDA’s preferred custom stand builder for the Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition, attracting over 27,000 attendees across three days at the MCEC. The expo is well renowned as the region’s leading showcase for commercial maritime and naval defence, facilitating connections among Australian and international defence, industry, government, academia and technology leaders in the national interest.

DisplayWise showcased its expertise in delivering six impressive stands through partnerships with Spiro (representing Northrop Grumman), Kiah, Insitu Pacific, Splendid Communications for KBR, Axon and ST Engineering. Juggling the design, production, and simultaneous installation of multiple high-quality custom elements proved to be quite the challenge, providing DisplayWise with the opportunity to showcase its abilities.


Spiro (for Northropp Grumman, Kiah, Institu Pacific, Splendid Communications for KBR, Axon, ST Engineering.
ICC, Sydney


Spiro collaborated with DisplayWise to create an exceptional space for Northrop Grumman. Beginning with Spiro’s vision, DisplayWise’s experienced industrial design team refined the concept to maximise opportunities within the space, while ensuring a professional and cohesive look. The bold black and white exterior panels encased three conference rooms, storage areas, custom cabinetry and a designated barista zone. Prominently showcased on both sides of the stand, 3D logo signage enhanced the overall sleek design. Within the expansive 15x12m stand, the team creatively employed a mix of carpeting and timber-look flooring to delineate distinct zones, while multiple reception counters and carefully curated feature graphics seamlessly added to the polished aesthetic. Additionally, tech integration played a crucial role in the success of the stand, with the DisplayWise team assisting the installation of seven LED screens and a 3x2m LED wall, enhancing the modern aesthetic of the overall display.

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DisplayWise reflected ST Engineering’s vision in crafting a 6x12m stand that precisely met their specifications. The customised space incorporated a variety of hired elements, including furniture, flooring, 7x LED screens, walling and counters. Their distinct brand colours were strategically utilised to create a focal point for the model riser, contrasting beautifully with the white hired flooring. The blend of custom and hire elements not only met the client’s requirements but also helped to manage overall costs without compromising on the premium look and feel of the stand.

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Axon opted for DisplayWise’s Premium Hire range as the foundation of their 18sqm space, to boost brand awareness of their “ecosystem” products. The bold, contemporary design featured three wall-mounted screens, bar-height seating and multiple model display counters equipped with lockable storage. A raised timber floor with a sleek concrete finish added to the stand’s modern aesthetic, creating an engaging environment for attendees to effectively navigate Axon’s offerings.

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3 - Indo Pacific - DisplayWise

Insitu Pacific’s stand was constructed from timber wall panels covered with printed graphics and allowed for practical storage units to be seamlessly integrated into the design. Model display plinths exhibited drones and vessels to captivate attendees, while LED lighting added a touch of sophistication. DisplayWise complemented the space by arranging hire items such as furniture, LED screens and a fridge, ensuring a complete and functional setup tailored to Insitu Pacific’s requirements.

Reusability was key in guiding Splendid Communications’ 12×6 stand for KBR, with DisplayWise repurposing flooring from the storage of their Avalon stand. Custom meeting rooms featured timber walls that were either painted or covered in graphics, while LED lighting enhanced the ambience throughout. The striking custom header at the front of the stand, was a striking focal point and used RGB lighting to highlight their logo. From furniture and AV equipment hire to electrical provisions, custom signage, packaging and stand disposal, DisplayWise expertly managed every aspect, ensuring a seamless and environmentally conscious experience.

Kiah was also guided by reusability as they re-installed their stand designed by the DisplayWise team for Avalon International Airshow, earlier in the year.

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DisplayWise made a lasting impression as the preferred custom stand builder for Indo Pacific 2023 with the skillful integration of custom and hired elements solidifying their position as industry leaders. Acknowledged for their exceptional displays, the superior quality of DisplayWise’s work was widely recognised. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence was evident in its contribution to client success, a dedication that continues for future events.

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