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A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment

Eco-design is a way of designing display solutions and products with sustainability in mind. It involves the use of materials, processes, and technologies that are focused on reducing environmental impacts throughout their life cycle – from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, usage, and disposal. 

At DisplayWise, we understand the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly designs for custom event displays and exhibitions. That’s why we offer a range of solutions that are designed with sustainability in mind. From renewable resources to reducing carbon emissions or repurposing displays to aid in a circular economy, our highly experienced team can take you from brief to build.

Here we share our top tips on what you need to consider when it comes to sustainable design development.

The Brief

A well-thought-out brief is key to creating an eco-friendly design strategy. Consider elements such as design for disassembly, longevity, modularity and reusability.

According to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), between 70-80 per cent of a product’s environmental impact is locked in during the design and development stage (Business Victoria, n.d)

The earlier you can engage our design team, the better. Determine your WHY and create clear objectives. Speak to the team about what’s important to you and what your key measurements of success look like. We will ensure that these considerations are taken into the design phase and beyond.

Anne Evers, General Manager – Sales explains how DisplayWise takes a practical approach to every custom stand brief, considering not just its aesthetics, but also the materials used.

“For clients planning to attend one show once a year, our premium hire stand offering provides a selection of very high-end stands to choose from.  For those planning to attend many shows, a custom designed and built stand may be a better option.”

Some important considerations include whether the stand is able to accommodate changing sizes (e.g. from a 6×3 to a 6×6), and whether you make future bookings years in advance to secure the right space for your existing investment?  Ultimately, by embracing modularity and flexible designs you can save time and money over multiple shows whilst minimising your environmental footprint”

11 - A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment - DisplayWise
2 - A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment - DisplayWise
Cost vs Cause

Sustainability is an increasing requirement in business sourcing and decision making as consumers hold brands responsible for progressing the world’s state of sustainability. According to new NielsenIQ survey data, 46% of consumers are looking to brands to take the lead on creating sustainable change. (NIQ, 2022).

The DisplayWise team strives to create eco-friendly display solutions that utilize sustainable materials and processes as much as possible. Sustainable solutions do sometimes come at a higher cost, and therefore you should talk to us about your requirements and what you want to achieve.

We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, however maintaining structural integrity in each build is also paramount. We will always weigh up the options between sustainability and stability for any project and discuss it with you based on your objectives. Read more about our Going Green approach and the importance of sustainability for the events and exhibitions industry. 

BELOW: DisplayWise has been installing this stand for MDI since 2014 at Reed Gift Fair.

1 1 - A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment - DisplayWise
2014 install at Reed Gift Fair
2 1 - A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment - DisplayWise
2014 install at Reed Gift Fair
3 - A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment - DisplayWise
2022 install at Reed Gift Fair
4 1 - A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment - DisplayWise
2022 install at Reed Gift Fair
The art of minimising waste

When it comes to designing for reusability, a lifecycle analysis is essential. A lifecycle analysis looks at the entire lifespan of any product or display, from design through to disposal. This ensures that all elements of the display are considered in terms of their long-term value and potential future uses.

In the 2023 Global Meetings and Events forecast survey, 90% of organizations said they required professional guidance in their sustainability journey. (Amex, 2023). The earlier you can engage our design team, the better. Maximising the potential of your display is our speciality, but it all starts with a well-developed brief and clearly defined objective and discussions about the future of your brand/business.

4 - A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment - DisplayWise
The Standards

When it comes to the creation of your event materials, it is important you meet Australian Standards, which differ from those of overseas. There are many innovative solutions on the market that reduce their environmental impact without compromising on quality or performance and our expert team will help you navigate them.

Dulux and Porters Paint, both offer environmentally friendly options that utilise advanced waterborne technologies to create a product that reduces harmful emissions while still providing an excellent finish. EAGLECELL™ is also a new product to the exhibition market, a recyclable, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, metal and wood as an all-paper honeycomb graphics board with a 100% fully recyclable paper core and surface papers

For those looking to take sustainability one step further, the Green Tick® Certification is an independent system that assesses products against life-cycle-based criteria (ISO14000 series) and then awards them a certification if all standards are met. This provides peace of mind for consumers and assurance that the product they are using is truly sustainable.

An example of a certified sustainable product is GreenTick Acrylic™, which is made from 70% recycled materials. This innovative product utilises discarded acrylic offcuts and scraps, instead of being sent to landfill, and transforms them into high-quality cast acrylic sheeting. This not only reduces waste but also creates a more economical and environmentally friendly product.

There are many products and materials on the market so do your research (or let our team do it for you) and make sure you select the best possible option for your needs to ensure you are making the most sustainable choice for your next project

Investing in sustainable displays is an excellent way to maximise your budget, reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your brand image, and demonstrate corporate responsibility through green measures such as using eco-friendly materials or renewable energy sources. At DisplayWise, we’re here to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from concept development through installation. Our team of experienced display designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your display fits both budget and purpose.

Want to create an event that is both beautiful and sustainable? Contact us today.

9 - A sustainable design strategy that’s worth the investment - DisplayWise

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