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Crafting the Perfect Brief for Your Exhibition Stand – Your Guide to Success

A well thought out and carefully considered design brief is crucial for any display project, however formulating the brief can be a daunting task.

At DisplayWise, our team have notched up over twenty years of experience in collaborating on all different types of exhibition briefs across numerous venues and precincts. With our guidance, you’ll be well-equipped to communicate your vision effectively and ensure that your stand aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

We’ve compiled our top 10 tips to seamlessly craft the perfect brief for your next exhibition appearance.

1. Clearly Define Your Objectives

Before diving into the details, it’s essential to have a distinct understanding of your objectives. What are you trying to achieve with your exhibition stand? Are you aiming to increase brand awareness, generate leads or showcase a new product? Clearly articulating your objectives will serve as the cornerstone of your brief.

2. Know Your Audience

Understanding your target audience is just as important as defining your objectives. Who are you trying to engage with at the exhibition? What are their preferences and pain points? This knowledge will help us tailor your stand design to resonate and engage with your ideal visitors.

3. Timeline and Deadlines

Time is of the essence when it comes to exhibition preparations. Take the time to clearly outline your project timeline, including not only the bump in/out times and event dates but also any key milestones and deadlines. We’re here to help guide you too so when you share these deliverables with us this helps to plan the workflow effectively, including your test assembly build, to ensure your stand is ready to shine on the exhibition floor.

4. Budget Considerations

Be upfront and clear about your budget. Knowing your financial constraints will enable us to propose solutions that align with your budget whilst ensuring you get the most value from your investment. Whether you have a modest budget or room for extravagance, we can tailor our recommendations accordingly with our custom stand design services or opting to select from our Premium Hire range.

5. Must-Have Features

Think about the essential elements you need based on your objectives. This could be interactive displays, product showcases, branding or signage, meeting areas or storage space. Make a list of must-have features and we’ll work to integrate them seamlessly into your stand design based on your budget requirements.

6. Sustainability Goals

Sustainability and reusability are important concerns for many brands. If you have sustainability goals or want to work with eco-friendly materials, mention this in your brief upfront. We can help your brand ensure both cost-effectiveness and sustainability benchmarks are achieved and are committed to working with you to offer environmentally responsible solutions.

Evie Network, Fully Charged 2023
Evie Network, eMobility 2023
7. Space and Location

Consider the size and location of your exhibition space. Are you in the middle of the show floor, at the entrance doors or to the side? This information will help us optimise the use of space including access to rigging, power, lighting and other support services, as well as designing with intent for your brand to stand out amongst your competitors.

8. Design and Brand Guidelines

Your exhibition stand design should be a seamless extension of your brand. Share your brand guidelines including logos, colours, fonts and any design preferences. This will help us create a design that not only looks the part but also reinforces your brand identity. Already have a stand concept in mind? No problem, we can help turn that concept into reality and get it ready for production.

9. Technology Integration

In today’s digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in exhibition stands and is no longer an optional extra. If you have specific tech requirements, such as touch screens, VR experiences, or live streaming, include these in your brief. Our team will work closely with you and our partners to make the best recommendations based on your objectives and integrate the right technology for your stand to engage and captivate your audience.

10. Disposal or Storage 

Consider what you’d like to occur post exhibition. Could you reuse certain elements to create a new stand or have a smaller space at a future event? Whether it’s efficient storage options for your stand components or sustainable disposal solutions, addressing this aspect in your brief ensures a smoother transition once the exhibition concludes.

By incorporating these ten tips into your brief, you’ll be well on your way to a successful outcome with your stakeholders and achieving your desired expectations for project delivery. With an ability to deliver beyond the scope of a traditional exhibition builder, we’re here to help bring your exhibition vision to life. Ready to get started? Reach out to our team and let’s start the conversation for your upcoming exhibitions.

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