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6 Creative Ways to Boost Sales in Your Retail Pop-Up

You’ve already invested significant effort into attracting customers through your omnichannel strategy, from traditional media through to digital channels. Now, the focus is on optimising your physical point of sale space to maximise revenue. But how can you captivate potential customers within your retail environment and boost buyer conversions?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our award-winning retail design team has collated their top tips on how your brand can elevate the pop-up experience and drive impressive results.

1. What’s the WOW factor?

According to Shopify, the click-and-mortar business model is a successful way to create more touchpoints for shoppers to discover and buy from your brand.  That’s why so many online stores are choosing to open physical locations (even if it’s just a showroom)”.

Your store’s physical appearance is the first thing customers see, so let’s make it count! Use eye-catching visuals or moving images to draw customers in or consider the application of tactile materials, colour blocking or unique finishes to create a space that stands out in a cluttered retail environment.

You’ll also want to be visually different to distinguish your pop-up from other retailers. Lighting is crucial in creating a welcoming environment for customers.  Consider creating the ultimate dramatic effect and incorporate LED lighting or lightboxes to highlight your space and showcase your products. Whatever the choice for your brand, you’ll want to create a cohesive, integrated shopping experience across all your sales touchpoints.

3 3 - 6 Creative Ways to Boost Sales in Your Retail Pop-Up - DisplayWise
Scentre Group, Amazon Prime
2. Seasonal vs Personalised Selling

Having an engaging store front is just the start. Whether it’s the holiday season, back-to-school rush, or beach time summer vibes, you’ll want to consider aligning your product offerings and marketing strategies with the current seasonal trends. Create a sense of urgency and excitement amongst your customers by tailoring your customer’s experience for the period.

Why not entice customers to spend more time in your pop-up by offering an on-site personalisation? Everyone loves something unique so a monogram, embroidery or engraving station incorporated into your space could be an ideal path to purchase as well as increase the overall sale. Consider adding on a personalised stationary space too where customers can write a special message to include with the purchase.

3. Have Confidence in your Brand 

Create the ultimate “go-to” environment with a clever and confident merchandising strategy that will generate a sales uplift.

Fill your space with your best products and you’ll have a highly engaged audience poised to purchase. Next, your customer can be introduced to new consideration sets, ‘add-on’ purchases to compliment your hero products or even discover new hero products in the range.

But don’t overcrowd your pop up with too many products. Instead, focus on showcasing those hero products and create ample storage space for the rest.

4 5 - 6 Creative Ways to Boost Sales in Your Retail Pop-Up - DisplayWise
Bastion Experience, La Vie Est Belle
4. Be Authentic

Having brand confidence is also about being authentic. Take customers on a journey and tell them your brand story by using meaningful graphics or purposeful material choices to convey your brand’s personality and values. This will create an emotional connection with your customers and encourage further engagement with your products on their buying journey.

Our recent work with agency client Bastion Experience for L’Oreal and Polo Earth is a great example of authentic brand storytelling. Polo Earth brings together luxury, nature, and sustainability which was required to be reflected through the choice of materials in this retail pop up. DisplayWise manufactured the display from Green Tick certified materials, complete with eco-friendly faux greenery and custom scent bar to showcase the key natural ingredients that make up the 97% natural-origin formulated fragrance.

1 5 - 6 Creative Ways to Boost Sales in Your Retail Pop-Up - DisplayWise
Bastion Experience, Polo Earth
5. Offer Interactive Experiences 

Create a unique and interactive experiences that customers can engage with. This could be as simple as a photo moment or as complex as an augmented reality experience. But make sure it’s easy for customers to navigate your space. Generally, customers are short on time, so if they can’t find what they need or it’s difficult to navigate, they’re likely to leave your space empty-handed. Use your imagination or let us help guide you to think outside the box and create a sense of excitement!

Don’t forget to encourage your audience to share their experiences on social media too by using relevant hashtags. This not only generates buzz but also creates a sense of urgency for potential customers to visit your pop-up before the activation ends.

2 5 - 6 Creative Ways to Boost Sales in Your Retail Pop-Up - DisplayWise
Bastion Experience, Flowerbomb
6. Free Samples and Discount Codes

Who doesn’t love a gift with purchase or additional ways to save? By offering incentives to customers, you’ll be maximising an engaged audience to try before they buy, discover new products in your range and make them feel good about your brand simultaneously.

The customer journey is evolving and according to McKinsey & Co, “Technology powers shopping convenience. In-store communications not only help customers finish their shopping lists but also provide tailored promotions and detailed product information. And they eliminate checkout lines.”

Consider expanding this winning formula by offering a limited time incentive. Ask customers to share their contact information through scanning a QR code or other data capture to build valuable customer data points and future revenue opportunities.

Ultimately, there are many creative ways to boost sales in your pop-up retail space. From showcasing your hero products and aligning your offerings with seasonal trends through to interactive experiences and authentic brand storytelling, you’ve got all the inspiration to create a remarkable pop-up strategy. Now all you need is a partner! For more expert guidance on how to optimise your next retail pop-up, get in touch with our award-winning retail design team to help your brand maximise sales and make your retail pop-up unforgettable.

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