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How to Translate Global Concepts into Local Experiences that resonate

In a digitally connected, global economy, perfecting the ways of translating global concepts into local experiences is crucial for any marketer, producer, or brand related role. Successful brand localisation involves a number of challenges from navigating the intricate landscape of cultural distinctions and consumer behaviours through to material possibilities and legal implications.

At DisplayWise, we understand it’s an ongoing process of adaptation. This approach allows brands to authentically embed themselves in the hearts and minds of their target audience and it’s been proven that those who position themselves as more than a product or service, tend to thrive and generate results beyond expectations.


Let’s delve into our practical tips and insights designed to propel your brand’s success in the local market.

Marketing Localisation

This concept is a multi-faceted approach and aims to not only improve the customer experience but also creates a distinctive path to purchase, tailored to the geographic region. This can involve refining the message, choosing appropriate promotional channels and even adapting the product portfolio to align with the preferences of the core target audience.

A perfect example of this is the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign which first launched in Australia back in 2011. This global to local concept was featured as a top brand activation project in our 20 Years of DisplayWise celebrations and fast became a global phenomenon as it rolled out to over 80 markets after the successful results from the Australian campaign. Read more about our work on the campaign here.

6 - How to Translate Global Concepts into Local Experiences that resonate - DisplayWise

In practical terms, why not consider adapting your latest global campaign to local customs or seasonal trends? Consider incorporating elements that are a nod to the Aussie preference for an outdoor lifestyle or passionate sporting culture, if it aligns with your global brand outcomes. Alternatively, you could tailor the local roll out to feature a touch of Aussie light-hearted humour, mateship values, a health and wellness focus or preferences for choosing Australian-made products. It’s important to achieve a consistent execution not only across different formats but also maintain a coherent brand narrative worldwide – which is where selecting the perfect partner becomes a priority.

Selecting Vendors

When selecting vendors to design, build and translate global concepts, it’s crucial to prioritise this step in the global to local strategy. Seek out collaboration with suppliers who advocate the importance of balancing the global aspirational vision with the practicalities of local execution. This will formulate your blueprint for success and align your brand with a collaborative partner who serves as an extension of your team.

At DisplayWise, our commitment extends beyond collaboration and we’re passionate about understanding the holistic strategy. From brand guidelines and their intended applications through to preferred materials, customer intention, atmosphere and visual impact, we engage in a comprehensive briefing and anlaysis of the proposed display build with you. We take the time to determine the essentials, the desirables and evaluate the preferred materials, colour palettes or visuals provided from the global concepts.

One of the key challenges for marketers, producers and brand managers is being able to navigate the global brand guidelines when specific material requirements or sustainable outcomes are involved. Our team are specialists at sourcing and adapting local material availability which results in a seamless blend of global standards and local practicalities. This meticulous attention to detail is an award-winning formula as demonstrated in our work with L’Occitane Australia. Our approach enabled the brand to seamlessly align their global campaign within the Australian market, ensuring a harmonious integration with brand identity and design. Read more in the case study here.

Promotional Channel Environments

As part of the vendor selection process, remember to look out for suppliers with a proven capability in navigating the Australian regulatory landscape too.  There are considerable differences between activation environments from exhibition venues, shopping centres and airports through to outdoor parks, public spaces and even moving vehicles. At DisplayWise, we’re very familiar with the conditions across a multitude of platforms which will help guide and inform your display strategy in the Australian market. From Australian Building Code approvals, shopping centre guidelines and local Council event guidelines through to engineering certifications, Airport Security Identification Cards (ASIC) or specific event permits, we’ve got you covered. Remember, the right vendor will not only facilitate a smooth translation of your global concepts but also contribute valuable insights that enhance the local experience and resonates with your target audience.

4 - How to Translate Global Concepts into Local Experiences that resonate - DisplayWise
5 - How to Translate Global Concepts into Local Experiences that resonate - DisplayWise
Synchronising your brand identity  

Another key ingredient to help nail your global to local strategy is to be instantly recognisable and transcend geographical boundaries. For new campaigns and product releases, we recommend opting for a phased approach where you’re able to test and iterate your messaging. Use analytics such as dwell time, sign-ups, sales revenue or other brand metrics to measure the effectiveness and adjust your strategies accordingly. If your campaign doesn’t allow for this level of detail, talk to our expert team of producers and project managers at DisplayWise and we’ll advise you on the best channel choice and display strategy to achieve your brand objectives and also meet your budget.

“We’ve worked with DisplayWise for a fair few years now and our brand over that time has really changed and evolved. It’s really important to work with the team and get the design right and that’s something that DisplayWise do really, really well. They understand our brand guidelines whether it be for an exhibition or whether it be in a shopping centre, I think the team are great”

Melissa Gray, Events and Partnerships Manager – Marketing, KIA for the Melbourne Electric Vehicle Show (MEVS)

Leverage your influencer strategy

It’s essential that the digital strategy aligns with your physical store or activation presence too when adapting global brand guidelines. Your influencer strategy should be honed in on ambassadors whose values align with your brand as authenticity is really key in this space. From account takeovers and brand ambassadorships through to sponsored posts and giveaways, the partnership should feel natural to both the influencer and their audience with long-term relationships proving more beneficial than one-off collaborations.

In fact, on Instagram since the start of 2023, the Australian Open, Sydney WorldPride, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Sydney Mardi Gras and Adelaide Fringe Festival have attracted some of the highest number of organic and paid tags or mentions on the social media platform by influencers. (B&T, 2023)

Think about how you can keep your social media influencers engaged with your brand particularly throughout the duration of the campaign period. You may want to offer them VIP access to your pop up space before it opens to the public or provide exclusive access to new product releases, thus generating more content with their test and review videos. The key here is to be consistent with your influencers and their endorsement content to help establish a genuine and lasting connection with your audience.

8 - How to Translate Global Concepts into Local Experiences that resonate - DisplayWise

Translating global concepts into local experiences is more than just an adaptation. It involves a meticulous approach that crafts a memorable connection, transcends geographical boundaries and maintains brand coherence worldwide. To ensure success, you need to prioritise collaboration with partners who balance global aspirations with local practicalities and material availability. DisplayWise is your holistic supplier that will work with you to seamlessly integrate global visions into the local market, fostering authenticity and brand resonance that exceeds your definition of success. Get in touch with the team today, we’d love to build something amazing with you.

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