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L'Occitane en Provence

Sustainable Flowery L'Occitane Brand Activation at Chadstone Mall by DisplayWise
Sustainable Pop Up ‘Refill Station in the Middle of Nature’



DisplayWise was awarded this cleverly designed brief from L’Occitane to feature in the 10m x 10m space at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne for a period of 4 weeks.

Inspired by the taps of their refill station, L’Occitane Australia approached DisplayWise with a design brief which incorporated the local French brewery culture and to showcase their new brand identity – “We are Cultivators of Change”. This pop-up store was a global first to launch LOccitane’s new brand identity and as such required careful consideration to apply this brand essence to a modern retail environment.

Our brief was to provide a similar experience to L’Occitane’s first global green store in Westfield Bondi which demonstrated their eco-conscious initiatives through considered design, construction and operation. All materials were required to be recyclable, FSC certified or demonstrate other sustainability principles to stay true to the pop-up store positioning. In addition, the main display elements required reusability for any future pop-up opportunities such as high durability materials and be easy to freight.

Holistically, the challenge itself was to research, procure and build the entire structure derived from environmentally friendly sources. This included the printed visuals and paint applications through to timber house structure, freestanding walls and flooring.

Retail & POS
L’Occitane Australia
Chadstone | The Fashion Capital
Display Size
10m x 10m circular space
Sustainable Flowery L'Occitane Brand Activation at Chadstone Mall by DisplayWise
Sustainable Flowery L'Occitane Brand Activation at Chadstone Mall by DisplayWise


DisplayWise worked closely with L’Occitane to understand their vision for a sustainable pop-up store. The concept focused on a holistic approach to skincare from sustainable sourcing and nature-inspired ingredients through to strong brand values of authenticity, respect and contributing to the development of local communities. 

From seed to skin through to design and build, this commitment was expressed through each touchpoint of the display whilst also maintaining structural integrity. The mandatory eco-friendly touchpoints of the campaign included the Refill Station, product display space and POS, media wall, sustainable brew house structure, recycled flooring and jumbo recycle bin.

Inspired by the taps of the L’Occitane Refill Fountain (machine refilling products in empty recyclable bottles), the sustainable brew house was the focal point of the pop up to recreate an authentic space ‘in the middle of nature & fields’. The brew house used a timber frame dressed pine which was FSC certified with the fabric graphic to the back side of the shelving using an eco-fabric product. Ecoply products (excluding the non-structural range) were produced and certified to AS/NZS 2269 and AS 6669. The shelves and workshop benches were manufactured from sustainably grown Australian and New Zealand Plantation Radiata Pine. 

The choice of a screwless OSB recycled woodchip floor had two benefits; one being that it is the most environmentally friendly material to produce as well as it being adequate for load bearing structures. The chapters of The Brewery were hand stenciled onto the recyclable flooring using a non-toxic pigment paint which highlighted the eco-friendly theme across a large tactile surface. An eco-stain floor coating was then applied in a Porters Paints Clearcote Clear Finish which contained 28.5g/L VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds contribute to atmospheric pollution). This product is also classified as Low VOC by the Australian Paint Approval Scheme.

In addition, the media wall composition was 100% recycled polyester. This type of material meant it was 47% biodegradable and that the fabrication consumed less than 50% water compared to classic fabrics. The large visuals that were prominent on the instagrammable and the two large freestanding walls were PVC-free with a vegetable coating. 

Sustainable Flowery L'Occitane Brand Activation at Chadstone Mall by DisplayWise
Sustainable Flowery L'Occitane Brand Activation at Chadstone Mall by DisplayWise



DisplayWise successfully delivered L’Occitane’s vision, to produce this pop-up with the new brand identity as well as sourcing eco-friendly materials for construction. 

The 10X10 circular space maximised brand impact and engaged the customer through the 360-degree immersive brand experience. The ‘Instagrammable’ media walls paired with sensory experiences in the product demonstration area captured customer interest and provided an interactive space to experience the products through the physical beauty bin for empty bottles. Each touchpoint was carefully planned to educate customers of the product ingredient origins and sustainable sourcing methods on their path to purchase.

In addition, the activation also engaged customers through the Terracycle museum, showcasing the recycling process with actual recycling samples and an Upcycling workshop to plant green in empty beauty packages. 

Without compromising on quality, brand exposure or impact, the DisplayWise team created this bespoke display to be reused and repurposed at other locations, most recently at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, with the goal of further reducing L’Occitane’s carbon footprint. 

To read more about our approach to sustainability and partnership initiatives, delve into our Going Green : The Importance of Sustainability in the Exhibitions and Events Industry article.

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“Just wanted to say thank you for all your support to make this a successful project. I personally really enjoyed working with you and your team throughout the project. I found DisplayWise to be very professional, straight forward, and very prompt on communications and actions. I look forward to many more collaborations to come.”

Junho Oh – Project Manager L’Occitane Australia

Sustainable Flowery L'Occitane Brand Activation at Chadstone Mall by DisplayWise

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