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Melbourne Electric Vehicle Show

The Future is Electric


DisplayWise skilfully crafted three distinct exhibition stands for major sponsors, Audi, Kia and Because (representing AGL) at the inaugural Melbourne Electric Vehicle Show (MEVS). Held within the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre (MCEC) over three days, MEVS marked a pivotal moment in the industry’s rapid growth, drawing potential customers eager to explore the future of sustainable transportation. 

This year marked the first time an EV show was held in Melbourne for the last 15 years. As such, the stakes were high for each client as MEVS offered a rare opportunity for attendees to see new vehicle models from the largest gathering of electric vehicle manufacturers in one location. 

The challenge for DisplayWise was clear: deliver three unique stands that aimed to captivate and educate attendees whilst seamlessly conveying individual brand narratives to fully leverage the opportunities presented by attending the show. 

Audi, Kia, Because (for AGL)
September 2023
Audi Australia lightbox custom branded lightboxes on custom exhibition stand at MEVS exhibition at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
KIA Australia lightbox custom branded lightboxes on custom exhibition stand at MEVS exhibition at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


DisplayWise created an open and inviting space for Audi’s centrally positioned 10x15m stand, emphasising the brands’ prominent positioning in the electric vehicle sector. The design included a visually striking 5 x 2.4m feature wall with a circular cut-out and 65-inch screen, creating a captivating focal point. Housing two electric vehicles, the stand proudly showcased the latest e-Tron GT and Q8 e-Tron, each strategically positioned in front of a custom wall light box that allowed for interchangeable inserts as well as providing flexibility for future reuse.

The front display stand, featuring lockable storage and a light oak finish, seamlessly complemented the feature wall and vehicle displays, ensuring a unified look. Raised flooring in a white finish contributed to the seamless design, while a dedicated lounge area provided space for attendees to recharge within the stand. Emphasising a modular and reusable approach, DisplayWise ensured that Audi could optimise the stand’s assets for future events, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and versatility in design. QR Codes were also added to the product display towers so as attendees could view further information on the vehicles as well as offering lead capture opportunities. 

For Kia’s 7x14m stand, DisplayWise crafted a visually stunning and functional space to showcase their EV6 and EV9 models. The display featured two 3x4m double-sided wall lightboxes, providing a captivating backdrop for each vehicle. Additionally, a 2.4m diameter circular overhead rigged banner was centrally placed to provide a striking focal point. Recognising the importance of repurposing existing elements, DisplayWise integrated existing assets into the design, with supplementary flooring added to complete the footprint. The central lounge area, featuring chairs, table and rug was a welcoming designated space for attendees to connect with the brand ambassadors. QR codes were also added to the product towers adjacent to the vehicle for attendees to view further information.

In collaboration with Because, DisplayWise designed an immersive 12x6m exhibition stand for AGL to convey their dedication to sustainable energy solutions. The footprint showcased a mix of hire concrete-look and timber flooring to define two distinct spaces; a home environment and replica car garage. A recharge zone provided a reception counter with popcorn machine to welcome attendees, whilst a small mini golf feature extended dwell time. Custom fencing and informal seating further defined this zone and provided a space to relax. Beyond this section, DisplayWise skillfully employed custom rigging and LED strip lighting to highlight the replica garage space and attract attention to the stand. This area was specifically designed to educate attendees and included a 65-inch screen with educational content, an interactive wall with illuminated panels as well as a QR code for further information on how smart chargers minimise costs to the customer. Additionally, a custom storage cabinet and Tesla charger wall for the showcase vehicle completed the innovative garage design.

Audi Australia lightbox custom branded lightboxes on custom exhibition stand at MEVS exhibition at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
AGL custom exhibition stand with Tesla car in replica car garage with putt putt activation at MEVS exhibition at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


The partnerships with Audi, Kia and Because (representing AGL), showcased DisplayWise’s commitment to excellence and their ability to present multiple large exhibition stands simultaneously at MEVS. 

Meticulously crafted to embody the distinctive identity of each brand, every stand succeeded in captivating, engaging, and educating attendees. The deliberate incorporation of interactive elements, compelling visuals and strategic layouts across the exhibition stands guaranteed optimal engagement and left a lasting impact. The seamless integration of existing elements and prioritisation of sustainable outcomes underscores DisplayWise’s dedication to creating exceptional displays that effectively showcase the brands within this rapidly expanding industry.

“It’s so nice to be working with a supplier that actually gets it!

“One of the things that is fantastic about the DisplayWise team is that they alleviate pressure and stress from my team. I got to come here this morning and it’s all ready to go. It’s amazing!”

Kit Bashford, Head of Marketing + Communications – Audi Australia

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