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Classy Kia Sorento Retail Display at Westfield Miranda
Kia go national to launch Sorento



To coincide with the launch of the new release Sorento, Kia engaged DisplayWise to design, build and deliver a roadshow display that was scheduled to feature at eleven sites across five states. To ensure a consistent connection to the greater campaign being run by Kia, the brief requested a display design that encompassed a sense of luxury alongside a robust roadside appeal.

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Classy Kia Sorento Retail Display at Westfield Miranda
Classy Kia Sorento Retail Display at Westfield Miranda



With DisplayWise providing a similar build for Kia’s prior released Seltos model, it was agreed early on that the Sorento display would be developed by refurbishing the existing Seltos set – a solution that was both sustainable and cost-effective. To deliver a campaign across multiple sites and states, the solution included the construction of four individual sets, all of which had to withstand multiple installations and dismantles across the country.


The DisplayWise design team developed a display that would provide a clear visible connection to the corresponding Sorento TVC and digital campaign. An asphalt-style print was applied to the flooring underfoot, whilst the Charcoal cabinetry was finished with a perimeter of Orange LED lighting hues. Along with providing the displays design and build, DisplayWise project managed the entire onsite installation and dismantling process including the placement of all Kia vehicles.

“It was imperative that the all-new Sorento activation site reflected the premium nature of the vehicle, the display was simple and sleek to allow the car to speak for itself. Not only did Displaywise do an amazing job at bringing our vision to life, but assisted with the vehicle logistics throughout shopping centres across Australia. We were able to achieve some great results from the project and this was in large part due to Displaywise.”
Dean Norbiato – General Manager, Marketing
Classy Kia Sorento Retail Display at Westfield Miranda
Classy Kia Sorento Retail Display at Westfield Miranda



The Sorento roadshow was on display and in action for the last 8 weeks of 2020 and is scheduled to conclude with a final appearance in Victoria in February 2021. Due to the collaborative effort put forward by the DisplayWise in-house Design, Production and Project Management team the Sorento roadshow has rolled out with seamless success.

As brands look to reinvent the way they bring to market their products and services, an unorthodox yet exciting combination of displays and locations is fast emerging. The nature of this campaign has provided Kia with a unique opportunity to showcase its new model to an extensive and dynamic audience across a vast geographic landscape

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