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5 Tips for Designing Point of Sale Displays to Increase Sales

Point of Sale displays (POS for short) are an extremely valuable marketing and sales tool for brands and retailers. Not only do they bring a space to life by making it appear more welcoming and exciting, they also attract, educate, engage and convert customers. POS displays are so effective in generating and increasing revenue that the POS market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.9% over the next 4 years (Fortune Business Insights).


Designing a uniquely creative and effective retail and point of sale display is going to be critical for success in the years ahead. This activity will allow you to position your brand and key messages as well as allow your priority products to stand out and be noticed in the cluttered retail environment.


DisplayWise General Manager – Marketing, Lisa Cachia says:


Point of sale displays offer brands and marketers a fantastic opportunity to provide visual exposure to one specific product line or campaign. Whether the goal is to entice a sale, cross-sell or to upsell every customer with an item they never knew they needed, we can build custom displays that create a memorable experience and ultimately boost sales and brand loyalty”.


Here are 5 tips for designing and executing a revenue-increasing point of sale display in your retail space.

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Get their attention

Bespoke permanent point of sale displays are an effective way for retailers to encourage their customers to discover new categories or product lines. Introducing a customised point of sale display to your retail space will allow you to stand out from competitors, express your brand, capture new potential customers’ attention and increase revenue.   


Having worked with many of Australia’s leading retail brands, we have the skills and local manufacturing capability to develop and refine ideas and develop a cohesive solution that will enhance your brand.

Location, location, location

The main power of a POS display is its location. You can be certain that your customers will discover your campaign or product as they shop. Using clever designs and an understanding of your shoppers’ journey in-store, your POS display can lead to increased brand exposure and product discovery which ultimately results in more purchases, higher purchase totals and an overall increase in retail revenue.


Situating displays at high-traffic areas such as the counter is an easy way to achieve this as customers here have already decided to make a purchase and are therefore more likely to add an additional item to their cart. Whether you’re implementing these displays at the entrance, the point of sale, or sporadically throughout the store, the display must attract and engage the shopper.

Golden Coach Handbag Australia Retail Display at Westfield
Samples & Demos

Consider creating a journey for the customer, drawing them towards the display with an interactive opportunity to learn more or try the products. Allowing customers to test your product before they purchase is a fantastic way to engage with potential customers, influence their buying decisions and grow revenue for the business. 35% of customers who try a sample will buy the sampled product in the same shopping trip (Arbitron and Edison Media Research).


Whilst sampling is a successful method for achieving new sales targets, it is important to not offer too many options. Keep it simple and focus on just one or two products. This will also help drive the design and planning for your POS display.

Know Your Target Audience

POS marketing is a hyper-targeted marketing activity where brands can hone in on one particular product, feature or customer. It is important to understand your audience and your buyer when planning your POS display. Attract a specific audience or your customer segment with a unique, targeted design that speaks to their wants and needs. This is the perfect opportunity to educate them about your brand and products. With a carefully designed POS display, you can effectively upsell and cross-sell products to your key target markets.

Keep It Consistent

Launching a new campaign or brand-activated promotion this season? Tie in the promoted products and messaging into your permanent point of sale display. Keeping your customers focused on the one campaign message or key product will be key to success. Having this consistency makes your brand feel more reliable and dependable for consumers.

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Make an impact on the shop floor with a premium and well-designed point of purchase display. DisplayWise offers retailers on-demand, locally produced point of sale solutions, ideal for when your product range calls for a bespoke design. Manufactured locally and available without the lengthy delays associated with imported options, DisplayWise can meet your time and budget requirements. We can also create custom packaging if required and deliver your point of sale units to locations nationwide.


If you’re interested in spruiking up your retail space with fresh, effective POS displays, talk to our team of experts today.

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