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Bastion Experience for L'Oréal - Mugler

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Mugler - Star of the Show


In a striking collaboration, Bastion Experience and DisplayWise joined forces to create a powerful brand activation for Mugler Angel Elixir at Westfield Parramatta.

Inspired by the brands’ global designs, Bastion Experience introduced a captivating concept DisplayWise was entrusted to refine for the local Australian market and site.

Key elements initially designed for a larger footprint needed to be transformed to fit a more compact 5×3 activation space, whilst aligning with L’Oreal’s sustainability directives.

Bastion Experience for L’Oreal – Mugler
Retail/ Brand Activation
Westfield Paramatta
15 sqm

THE Solution

Harnessing the power of marketing-leading expertise, the partnership between Bastion Experience and DisplayWise successfully navigated a flawlessly delivered solution. DisplayWise undertook extensive research and development to create an infinity mirror concept that highlighted meticulous attention to detail and exceeded expectations. Captivating the attention of customers within the space, the mirror achieved a remarkable 16x reflection effect by skillfully combining a mirrored acrylic sheet at the rear and a clear acrylic sheet with reflective film applied to the inside face. The union of the mesmerising infinity mirror with the star archway was undeniably a beacon for shoppers and featured a product sample table within. LED strip lighting surrounded the infinity mirror and was recessed to carefully outline each star along the arch, bringing the concept to life and illuminating the entire area.

The display counters required complex finishing that included an illuminated logo, gloss surfaces and acrylic supports with a cascading light wash. Black screwless raised flooring complimented the overall polished look and integrated seamlessly with the star floor graphics within the archway.

Sustainability formed a joint commitment for Bastion Experience and DisplayWise as they embraced L’Oréal’s guidelines and tailored products to align with the local market. This was evident through the use of green tick acrylic and PEFC (Programme for the endorsement of Forest Certification) certified timber across the stand. To further minimise environmental impact, key stand components were hired, including the flooring and a prominent 86-inch screen, effectively reducing waste and the environmental footprint.


Bastion Experience was impressed by the exceptional outcome from their collaboration with DisplayWise for the Mugler Angel Elixir experience. The activation surpassed expectations and beautifully showcased the product, leaving a lasting impression on shoppers. DisplayWise demonstrated innovative design skills to blend the creative vision with technical expertise as they transformed Bastion’s concept into an enchanting reality. This immersive display resonated strongly with visitors, consolidating the standing of both partners as industry leaders.

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