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Light Up Your Exhibition Stand: Essential Lighting Tips for Success


Ever wonder what makes some stands at exhibitions irresistibly eye-catching? The secret might just be in the lighting. With the right illumination, you can captivate the crowd, spotlight your products and highlight your brand’s strengths. Here’s your ultimate guide to selecting and setting up lights that will make your brand shine and turn the spotlight on your next custom exhibition stand.

The Power of LED Lighting

As you stroll through an exhibition, the stands that attract the most attention more often than not have one thing in common: brilliant lighting. LEDs are energy-efficient, durable and versatile and with the right strategic placement, LED lights can ultimately transform your stand from bland to eye-catching. Here’s our top tips to consider for lighting your stand


Strategically arranging LED lights around your stand can significantly enhance its visibility and appeal. By using lighting to create focal points, you can highlight key elements and reinforce your brand’s colours and logos, leaving a lasting impression on your visitors. Experiment with different angles, heights and lighting fixtures to achieve your desired aesthetic and objectives while minimising glare and shadows. Additionally, if your stand features overhead rigged signage, placing lights to illuminate these signs and directing light down onto the stand can further boost your stand’s overall impact.

Client Spotlight: Our longstanding client, Hafele, approached us with a brief that included “washing the stand with light.” This task involved multiple elements, including affixing lighting to the overhead rigging and strategically planning its placement on the show floor. Executing lighting of this scale depends on several factors such as: budget, stand location, and rigging availability. Contact our team to discuss how we can help your brand achieve a similar look and feel.

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Illuminated Logos

Your signage is one of the first things people notice when they arrive at your stand; it tells customers and visitors where you are, who you are and often what you do. Enhancing your signs with lighting can be an excellent way to stand out. LEDs are particularly beneficial because they are small, versatile and can be incorporated into most logo designs. This versatility allows for stylish effects such as backlighting, creating an impressive, illuminated halo effect behind and around opaque letterforms and logos.

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Product Highlighting

Using specific lighting is essential for highlighting your key products. Whether it’s recessed lighting, track lighting, or arm lighting, these methods will draw attention to your most important products and displays, ensuring attendees’ eyes are drawn to them first.

Industry Spotlight – Automotive: Effective lighting enhances the appeal of any product, especially within the automotive industry. Creating the feeling of opulence on the exhibition floor is all in the balance of task lighting and minimising glare and reflections off the metallic vehicle bodies. There are various types of car display lighting that can be utilised, including LED lights, neon lights and accent lighting. Get in touch with our team to chat more about how we can use lighting to illuminate your space.

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Enhancing Colour, Brightness and Light Dynamics

Creating an unforgettable stand experience involves more than just visually stunning displays and captivating products. It’s about setting the right atmosphere and creating a mood that resonates with your target audience and this is where lighting becomes essential.

By balancing light and shadow and considering how colour temperature influences brand perception, you can create an immersive experience for your visitors. Consider these approaches to lighting to ensure your attendees are talking about your brand long after the event has concluded:

Balancing Brightness and Shadow

To maximise impact with minimal harshness, experiment with varying levels of intensity in your lighting design. At DisplayWise, we can help incorporate dimmers or controllers for precise adjustments according to your desired effects. When you consider LED lights, these products offer flexibility in brightness control and promote energy efficiency, which is another added benefit when using creative methods like backlighting to add depth without harsh shadows.

Further, when positioning lights within the stand, we recommend bright illumination throughout. Chat with our industrial design team and experienced exhibition producers to help guide this strategic placement to eliminate dark corners and enhance the overall visitor experience. Ultimately, carefully choosing where to illuminate can highlight specific areas of your exhibition stand as the main focus whilst also ensuring overall comfort for visitors.

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The Role of Colour Temperature in Brand Perception

The colour temperature of your lighting can also significantly impact how your brand is perceived. Higher warmth colours such as red and orange are often associated with emotions like joy, energy and excitement, while cooler hues such as green and blue can evoke feelings of serenity or calmness.

The truth is, colour psychology in lighting design can considerably enhance the theme of your stand when you select a palette to align with your desired outcomes. This approach fosters a deeper connection with attendees and by introducing light dynamics such as colour changing, fading, pulsating or pattern movements, you can further elevate your custom stand’s allure.

Hot Tip:  Have you considered how to transform your stand after the show ends? Hafele altered the atmosphere of their stand by adding colour-changing lights, creating a “disco” effect for their networking event once the show concluded.

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Put simply, lighting is more than just illumination—it’s a powerful design tool that can be leveraged for your custom exhibition stand to make your products stand out and create the perfect atmosphere. From using LED technology and balancing brightness and shadow through to understanding colour temperature and prioritising sustainability, every aspect of lighting plays a crucial role in your exhibition stand success. Remember, it’s not just about having lights, but how you use them and that is what makes all the difference. Contact DisplayWise today to collaborate on your next project and together we’ll spotlight your products and showcase your brand’s strengths.

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