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4 Reasons Why Brand Activity is More Important than Solely Lead Generation Campaigns

It’s easy to focus on the lead generation aspect of marketing your business, and that’s understandable! What’s also important, however, is to make sure you give equal attention to your brand-related activity and overall marketing strategy. 

The proliferation of digital media has made it easier for companies to generate leads and drive conversions. But unless brands enhance their awareness and build credibility in the process, they will ultimately become dependent on lead generation activity in the long term and their brand will be left behind.  

Now, what if we were to tell you that a strategy built around brand activity could actually generate more leads than solely focusing on lead generation campaigns? There are a multitude of benefits to investing in brand-related activity over strictly lead gen campaigns. Here are four of our favourites: 

Reach new audiences

Is your lead pipeline drying up? While it’s no surprise that lead generation is the primary objective of many businesses and marketing departments, building brand awareness will fuel your pipeline over the long term.  

The consumer journey evolves with ongoing market-shifting trends, and you have to be ready to support those trends by continually driving top of funnel leads via promotion-based channels such as brand activations, events and experiential campaigns. Whether it be an indoor event, retail display, trade show, or on the streets of wherever you are located; brand activations and experiential marketing are great ways to build rapport with potential customers and drive new lead growth. 

DisplayWise Brand Activation Williams Sonoma West Elm 2 - 4 Reasons Why Brand Activity is More Important than Solely Lead Generation Campaigns - DisplayWise
DisplayWise Brand Activation Williams Sonoma West Elm 3 - 4 Reasons Why Brand Activity is More Important than Solely Lead Generation Campaigns - DisplayWise
Really connect with customers

Authentic brand experiences bind consumers to brands. As you craft the narrative of your brand story, it is imperative that you get out of the office and meet with customers face-to-face to truly understand what it is they love about your company or product. 

When you get your brand involved in the conversation, consumer interest rises, engagement rates go up and overall brand awareness increases. The best brands are built on personal relationships with consumers, so in-person brand activity and experiential campaigns can be a fantastic way to strengthen those connections.  

DisplayWise Event IBM Think Summit 1 Hero Merchandise Bar - 4 Reasons Why Brand Activity is More Important than Solely Lead Generation Campaigns - DisplayWise
Get recognition in the market 

It’s no secret that a company’s brand has more of an impact on its success than any other metric. It (note space) takes more than just a good product to be successful; you need to provide great customer service and have a strong social media presence in order to attract loyal customers. The goal of brand activity is to focus on generating word-of-mouth referral traffic rather than relying solely on PPC, lead gen or social campaigns. 

By creating exciting brand displays and campaigns, consumers will have your brand name on their minds when they need it most…directly before buying! 

DisplayWise Exhibition Metagenics APP 2 - 4 Reasons Why Brand Activity is More Important than Solely Lead Generation Campaigns - DisplayWise
First they try, then love, buy and repeat 

According to The Drum, “a good brand-in-hand experience leads to an 85% purchase intention and a 4:1 ROI.” Investing in these experiences can create a well-rounded brand and drive sales. Consider bringing your products into retail stores and offer samples or hold demonstrations so consumers can see how they work first-hand. This strategy helps encourage sales because consumers will already have tried out (and been impressed by your product before making any purchases. Plus, because these activities are engaging and fun for customers to participate in, you’ll increase customer lifetime value by keeping them coming back for more content. 

DisplayWise has over 20 years experience working with clients to create amazing displays that tell a story, connect with customers and give brands an edge. We can help you create effective activations on a small or large scale, from the simple to the elaborate, and we’ll take care of everything from concept to execution. A DisplayWise activation is guaranteed to be memorable for your audience and for years afterwards.  

Inspired to activate your brand? Talk to us today.  

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