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Telstra Vantage

Exhibition Overall for Telstra Vantage
Creating 'Telstra World' for the Telstra Vantage Exhibition



DisplayWise was engaged by long-standing agency client Imagination, as the custom stand build partner for ‘Telstra World’ at the Telstra Vantage exhibition. This would be the third consecutive year partnership for the show in conjunction with Imagination.


A key deliverable for Telstra was to re-use and re-purpose several components in storage from the previous four Telstra Vantage exhibitions. The exhibition was held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre with the layout compromising of six zones – ‘Solving Today’, ‘Shaping Tomorrow’, ‘Launch Pad’, ‘Telstra X’, ‘Network of Networks’ and ‘5G AFL Zone’ which was approximately 842sqm of floor space.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Football Activation at Telstra Vantage
Meeting Room with Furniture and Greenery at Telstra Vantage



Imagination supplied DisplayWise with the designs and overall layouts for the six main areas ranging from 72 – 242sqm each zone. The large-scale nature of this project required the utilisation of the both the Sydney and Melbourne DisplayWise production facilities in order to manufacturer all components required of the exhibition within the set production timeframe.


Many of the previous Telstra Vantage exhibition structures were stored in the Sydney warehouse which enabled easy access for quality assessment as well as pre-approval recommendation from Imagination for re-use, new or disposal purposes. For the new structures required to be manufactured, DisplayWise recommended the use of Birch Plywood to provide superior stability and product integrity along with durability and sustainable sourcing principles.


The floor plan layout was another key consideration provided from Imagination, with way-finding signage required to be a subtle integrated component of the design. DisplayWise responded to this request with a combination of grass and tile flooring as well as a floor rated self adhesive vinyl graphic for the ‘road’ zone. Additionally, the zones required high tech AV integration across the large floor space of 842sqm. DisplayWise collaborated with Imagination’s AV partner and took particular consideration in the design integration of TV screens for the contoured wall of the ‘Telstra X’ zone.


This collaboration was significant to determine accurate production specifications for the AV partner to insert the interactive screens in the wall shroud space. Consideration was also given to the integration of dual TV screens at each signage totem for way-finding through ‘Telstra World’. This ensured accessibility best practice outcomes for sight and sound were met, as well as optimum visitor experience objectives throughout the exhibition floor space.

Open Exhibition at Telstra Vantage
Open Exhibition at Telstra Vantage
Audio Visual Display for Telstra Vantage



Imagination was pleased with the high level of sustainability practices achieved  throughout the exhibition. The re-use of current assets to reduce environmental impact and responsible disposal of materials was a key deliverable of the exhibition which DisplayWise excelled.


Further, the recommendation for alternative materials in the newly fabricated structures ensured brand consistency and the material choice didn’t detract from the visitors’ vivid and immersive experience of ‘Telstra World’.

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