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Sprite Outdoor Shower Soda Fountain Brand Activation at Surfers Paradise, Brisbane
Cut Through the Heat Shower Activation


DisplayWise were engaged by agency client, White Label,  to design and produce a replica ”life-sized” Sprite soda dispensing machine. The activation was to be fully functional for beachgoers to use the ‘Sprite Shower’ at four beachside locations: Bondi Beach, NSW; Coogee Beach, NSW; Surfers Paradise Beach, QLD; and St Kilda Foreshore, VIC.

DisplayWise were given visual direction by White Label, and we were required to bring the creative concept to life and fabricate an engineered, travelling, outdoor activation to be built on grass, concrete and sand surfaces.

Whilst the initial activation concept design was provided by White Label, DisplayWise was primarily responsible for developing product specification drawings for key functional components such as the shower head nozzle and water pump system along with fabricating the external structure to meet engineering requirements for outdoor activations.

White Label
Brand Activation/Experiential
4 Beachside Locations
Sprite Outdoor Shower Soda Fountain Brand Activation at Surfers Paradise, Brisbane
SpriteSprite Outdoor Shower Soda Fountain Brand Activation at Surfers Paradise, Brisbane


DisplayWise undertook thorough research and development to ensure the shower head/nozzle and water pump system accurately dispensed water to replicate a drink machine dispenser. This process involved prototyping several designs to ensure there was no delay of water delivery and a constant high-flow rate of water pressure for effective operation of the pump system. 

DisplayWise designed and manufactured a lever mechanism that included a solenoid water valve, micro-switch, and timing relay variable switch. This detailed design documentation and exploded layouts demonstrated to White Label that the lever only needed to be pressed once in order to activate the fulcrum for 15 seconds to provide a continuous gush of water for an effective and successful water system. These careful and highly technical considerations ensured the activation remained fully functional for the duration of the activation across each location.

Additionally, the external structure of the ‘Sprite Showers’ were designed to be disguised as giant soda dispensers with bathers having to press on the dispenser button to activate the shower. The secondary and tertiary work components involved our cabinetmakers and joiners to custom fabricate the fascia of the display as well as our carpenters to build the structure based on engineered specifications outlined by our engineer partner.

The graphics / print design management and production also required rigorous testing consistent with outdoor activation standards. Materials were recommended to White Label based on sun, wind and rain exposure to ensure durability and quality of the activation throughout the multi-use requirements.

IMG 0231 - Sprite - DisplayWise
Sprite Outdoor Shower Soda Fountain Brand Activation at Surfers Paradise, Brisbane


At the commencement of this Project, no existing technologies, technical specifications, or off-the-shelf solutions were commercially available – including global product offerings. 

The thorough research and development approach conducted by the DisplayWise Design team ensured that we manufactured the right technical provisions for electrical mechanical and hydraulic functionality for multi-use.

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