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Cosy Somfy Exhibit at Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia (BMAA)
Bespoke for BMAA Superexpo



Celebrating 50 years of growth and innovation, Somfy is a leading manufacturer of intelligent quiet motors, electronic controls and home automation solutions for window coverings. Having partnered with DisplayWise for over a decade, Somfy approached us with a brief to design and build an exhibition stand for the upcoming Blind Manufactures Association of Australia (BMAA) SuperExpo, hosted at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The stand was to showcase the latest in Somfy’s home automation solutions and give visitors the opportunity to get hands-on and explore the products on display. The brand wanted to ensure that the key benefits of its products including energy savings, easy living, well-being and security, were highlighted and demonstrated throughout the stand.With the brand marking its 50 year anniversary, we wanted to create a stand that was extra special, and also included an area dedicated to the celebrating the milestone.

Display Type
BMAA Super Expo
Display Size
Cosy Somfy Exhibit at Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia (BMAA)



Having an ongoing relationship with Somfy, DisplayWise had a clear understanding of the brands style and guidelines and used this as the foundation for creating the display space. This was the largest stand DisplayWise had created for Somfy, and we wanted the design to allow easy movement and flow throughout each area, as well as providing enough space to host short seminars and a large customer event.


An open plan stand was created, including several product display areas, an outdoor area and a communication zone. Working closely with the Somfy team, we seamlessly integrated the brand’s products and technology into the display, including motorised roller blinds, shutters and curtains, voice and app controls.

Cosy Somfy Exhibit at Blind Manufacturers Association of Australia (BMAA)



Over the shows three days, Somfy hosted hundreds of customers and partners on the stand, giving staff the opportunity to demonstrate the latest products and solutions in their range. With coffee and Somfy branded sweet treats on offer, show visitors happily spent time dwelling on the stand, with the team Barista making over 650 coffees and handing out 600 cupcakes and macarons.

Throughout the show, staff also distributed 600 50th Anniversary USBs and 1,000 brochures to a captive and interested audience. The highlight of the show was Somfy’s customer event, which saw over 100 guests meet on the stand to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary.


“Steve and the DisplayWise team provided stellar support throughout the entire process. From the design stage, through to development and installation, they brought the vision for our stand to life”
Mary Maidiotis, Marketing Executive, Somfy

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