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Shoals Technologies Group

Showcasing leading clean energy solutions


Shoals Technologies Group engaged DisplayWise to create their dominant stand at All-Energy 2022, the most anticipated annual event for the national clean energy sector.

The challenge was to design a stand that would not only enhance the prime show-entry position but also allow key stand elements to be easily re-modelled for future use.

Key considerations were budget control as well as working with the international brand team to ensure market consistency and aligning with company objectives.

Shoals Technnologies Group

THE Solution

As the event industry emerged from the global pandemic,  flexibility in stand design became central to the brief which allowed seamless scaling up or down on the custom space footprint.  Shoals Technologies Group occupied a 90SQM prime entry position on the show floor which required a previous stand design to be modified to fit the new footprint. It was imperative that the new design wouldn’t compromise on quality materials or high visual appeal despite the asset being stored due to rescheduled shows.

DisplayWise reconfigured the elements in which Shoals had previously invested and added key features, successfully keeping the budget under control for such a large space. Extending the basalt flooring to cover the larger area allowed for a useful storeroom to be added, along with a lounge area and table for networking.

Additional signage, walling and rigging containing LED lighting, magnified their brand exposure and highlighted the border of their prominent stand. A tracker was also added to the layout and a custom shroud was built so that Shoals was able to effectively show off its leading  EBOS (Electrical Balance of Systems) technology.


DisplayWise successfully delivered a new stand design for Shoals to optimise the central show floor position they occupied for All-Energy 2022. Without compromising on quality, brand exposure or impact, the DisplayWise team designed the stand to be easily remodelled for future exhibitions.

The result offers Shoals a consistent brand image and market exposure for ongoing events and tradeshows whilst keeping their exhibition budget on track to present at multiple shows throughout the year.

The interchangeable stand components make the Shoals stand a more sustainable design as it reduces the need for new materials used for each event. Post-show, the stand will be entered into storage at our Melbourne warehouse facility to continue its reusability throughout 2023.

The solution developed by DisplayWise has allowed us to keep  costs under control so we can attend  multiple shows throughout the year.


Some of the benefits with DisplayWise were their years of experience over multiple industries, which gave us different points of view.


Of course, I know my product. What I don’t know is how best to capitalise on that in the display, and that’s what they brought to the table.”


Hadley Richardson – Sales Director, Australia & Pacific Region

Shoals Technologies Group

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