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Seiko Rebirth

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Celebrating 100 Years of Seiko


In commemoration of 100 years since Seiko unveiled its inaugural timepiece adorned with the brand name on the dial, DisplayWise was approached to translate their global brand campaign into a local concept for the Australian retail market. The objectives were to facilitate an increase of brand awareness to shoppers who weren’t familiar with the Seiko brand as well as increase retail sales for the period.

 The pop-up exhibition further intended to provide visitors with a curated Seiko historical exhibition of timepiece collections, aptly called ‘Birth and Rebirth’. Seiko presented an elaborate creative brief that required premium finishes, specialised materials and a heightened attention to detail to ensure the security and integrity of the timepieces on display. Our team were tasked with interpreting and adapting the specifications to ensure the build met all relevant shopping site requirements without compromising on the creative vision for Seiko.

Retail Pop-up
Mid City Sydney
10 Days


Located between the lively Pitt Street Mall and bustling George Street, MidCity shopping centre served as the perfect location for this retail pop-up exhibition with the Seiko Flagship store within the same precinct. The storefront was designed to feature a custom fabric lightbox with two images side by side; the first Seiko watch and a current model which was to represent a visual story of the birth and rebirth of Seiko. The store layout itself comprised of 3 zones; Birth, Rebirth and Sports, along with craftsman experience.

The Birth history wall section served as an introduction to Seiko’s history with black full-length curtains framing the cable-hung graphics that displayed a visual and historical exhibition of inspiring stories from Seiko’s history. Displaying original landmark watches and archival materials, this section also offered a glimpse into the Seiko Museum Ginza in Tokyo, which showcased the pocket watches destroyed by the fires caused by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. Underneath, six gear mechanism shaped showcases contained miniature figures to display 6 historical watches with feature lighting and hung graphic panels to compliment.

The Rebirth section displayed modern interpretations of distinctive original Seiko designs that were part of the ‘Power Design Project’. This area of the exhibition presented some challenges as the DisplayWise team had to navigate working with existing fixtures to avoid damage with the installation of Seiko’s temporary exhibition. The solution was to clad the outside of cabinetry, fit the inside of the glass display box with vibrant graphics and equip with LED lighting features to achieve the desired result. The ‘Power Design Project’ was an integral part of the exhibit as it showcased the ‘Rebirth’ of seven Seiko products, which were developed by eight Seiko designers who were central to the original design of Seiko watches and technologies that have emerged throughout Seiko’s long history.

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The sports section featured the Seiko Sports Timer activation where visitors were invited to try stopping the stopwatch at 9.58 – a historic moment when Seiko’s stopwatch captured Usain Bolt’s sprint at the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin. If the shopper successfully stopped the timer at the correct result, they were gifted a mini-Seiko sports timer as a collectable item and souvenir of the occasion. For this section, DisplayWise were entrusted with crafting an immersive experience to showcase Seiko’s enduring dedication to excellence in sports timing – a legacy solidified by its role as the official timekeeper at numerous sports events since 1964. Stepping into this area needed to feel reminiscent of entering a running track with our team opting to apply non-slip high-traffic floor graphics in a running track visual, as well as a floor to ceiling Seiko branded Sports graphic, all to complete the look. Opposite stood a specially constructed structure to hold the Seiko stopwatch.

Lastly, at the heart of the exhibition was a ‘Meet the Designers’ craftsman space, where shoppers had the opportunity to meet and speak with two Seiko designers. This section was intentionally crafted as a ‘touch and feel’ experience, allowing visitors to interact and even try on the designs while engaging with Seiko staff. Our team also equipped the area with iPads and audio visual set ups to further enhance the customer experience with video content and digital integration.

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The collaborative efforts of Seiko and DisplayWise resulted in an exceptional retail display showcase for their global campaign for the Australia market with the Birth and Rebirth Exhibition. The strategic location within Mid-City Sydney attracted increased foot traffic and extended visitor dwell time to the exhibition which further supported the overall campaign objectives. The immersive stop-watch experience and dynamic branding elements also quickly captured the attention of visitors, which left them with a memorable and positive impression of the brand. Seiko were thrilled with the result, underscoring the successful partnership that transformed the global campaign into an engaging and impactful brand experience within the local market.

DisplayWise’s dedication truly paid off, exceeding expectations set by Seiko HQ in Japan. Despite the challenges of timing and venue, the DisplayWise team navigated the campaign smoothly as well as protecting the Seiko brand while delivering exceptional results. Kudos to DisplayWise for their unwavering support and alignment with the vision.”

Michelle Chui – Marketing Executive, Seiko Australia Pty Ltd

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