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Security and Integrate

Timber batten exhibition stand with integrated LCD and coffee machine station for Logitech at Security & Integrate

Two Years in the Making for the region's most tech-savvy buying professionals


DisplayWise proudly produced six custom-made exhibition stands at the recent Security and Integrate Expo 2022, held in August at the ICC in Sydney.

The Security Exhibition and Conference is the most established and respected trade event for the security industry. Integrate is Australia’s premier AV and Integration trade show. The co-location of Security and Integrate offered more innovation and education across both sectors, bringing together the full spectrum of suppliers, industry professionals and end users to connect and create profitable opportunities. It was the first time this was executed – and definitely not the last.

DisplayWise was tasked with creating six separate custom stands for both new and existing clients.

Logitech, Dicker Data, Philips, Westan, Fujifilm & Sfere
ICC Sydney
Dicker Data Custom Exhibition Stand at Security and Integrate Conference at ICC Sydney
Fuji Film Custom Exhibition Stand at Security and Integrate Conference at ICC Sydney


Due to COVID-19 and various lockdowns during 2020 and 2021, both shows were cancelled. Fortunately, 2022 proved to be the ‘comeback’ year with each brand approaching us separately to construct their custom-built stands.

Logitech’s brief was to be bigger and bolder than their 2019 stand. The space they secured was the largest to date, so with this, they wanted to utilise all available space. This included two meeting rooms, separate Zoom, Google and Microsoft walk up points, a privacy booth, two desktop spaces and a coffee cart, all with rigging overhead. These designated areas allowed visitors to the stand to participate and engage with all aspects of their market-leading  products; a work from home environment, an office environment as well as communal area.

Dicker Data wanted to create a stand that was cohesive between the two divisions of their company; DAS and AV.  The range of security products meant that there had to be a variety of display spaces to suit the products; from undermounted security cameras to large wall spaces for their screens. DisplayWise took key concepts from previous designs and applied our extensive knowledge of the products to create a uniform design that suitably displayed each of product lines.

SFERE Custom Exhibition Stand at Security and Integrate Conference at ICC Sydney

Additionally, as an extension of our service offering, Dicker Data conducted an on-site test assembly at the DisplayWise factory prior to installation. This meant that the client could confidently see the display pre-fitted with a number of elements and make any alterations prior to the show. This was a huge factor in the successful build and efficient delivery of the final display.

Philips and Westan upgraded their designs from the previous 2020 versions to include minor changes in response to the industry evolution over the past two years. Westan opened the roof and changed the finishes to a white look timber grain to allow for extra light to enter the stand. This inclusion added an increased level of sophistication and spaciousness to the overall design. There were also large screens displayed on the outside of the stand and an interactive screen placed on the floor for consumers to connect and engage with video content. Philips reflected a curved aesthetic which was an eye-catching finish in contrast to the traditional lineal build profiles. This approach was used throughout the stand to showcase the client’s latest innovations in the security and audio-visual space. 

Sfere was a simple, yet effective design. The display was a feast for the senses as the carefully considered product wall integration meant that every feature was highly visible to maximise engagement.

Similar to Sfere, Fujifilm was a smaller stand and was set up to showcase their projector. The interior of the box style stand was all white, with the projectors set up in the corner. The AV was rolling with videos continuously playing to catch visitors attention. 

Philips Custom Exhibition Stand at Security and Integrate Conference at ICC Sydney
Westan Custom Exhibition Stand at Security and Integrate Conference at ICC Sydney


Although there was a 2-year lapse with hosting the two exhibitions, DisplayWise executed six exceptional stands efficiently as per the bespoke requirements. With re-use and re-purpose in mind, our clients made an impact on the show floor without compromising on quality to achieve a premium custom build. Each of our clients and feedback from their customers reflected a positive and impressive show experience.

Without compromising on quality, brand exposure or impact, the DisplayWise team created this bespoke display to be reused and repurposed at other locations which aims to further reduce the carbon footprint. 

“The Security and Integrate show is a prime example of how DisplayWise can service multiple clients at the same show. We were able to work with our partners to be efficient in our install, delivery and bump out which in turn resulted in happy clients and a seamless event”.

Stephen Rowland, Project Manager – DisplayWise


Dicker Data Custom Exhibition Stand at Security and Integrate Conference at ICC Sydney

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