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Qcells Australia engaged DisplayWise to develop a striking display for All Energy 2022, a highly anticipated annual event for the country’s clean energy industry.

As a well-renowned manufacturer of solar panels and batteries, it was crucial for Qcells to make a strong impression and showcase their latest products and future brand direction due to missed opportunities during the global pandemic.

DisplayWise relied on its innovative design team to address the brief and deliver an outcome that aligned with Qcell’s new products while providing a seamless and engaging experience for all.

Qcells Australia
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DisplayWise prioritised brand impact when crafting the design of the stand, with the inclusion of 3-metre-high matt black steel framed rigging that extended the stand’s height to over 6.5m. Reflecting the Qcells brand colours, translucent printed fabric in cool ombre hues was rigged at varying heights to further enhance the display. Additionally, acrylic sheets were strategically positioned to showcase the Qcells logo at both ends of the stand, adding an extra layer of complexity to the outstanding rigging.

During the design phase, weight-bearing considerations were necessary as the central pillar was intended to support three batteries, an inverter, an 85-inch display and a 65-inch recessed lightbox. Concrete laminate lined the walls of this central pillar and high-contrast LED trenches adorned both sides, increasing the stand’s dominance. DisplayWise selected tactile finishes throughout the stand, creating an affinity with the raw energy the Q Home Core products harness and aligning with the marketing surrounding the Qcells products. A large double-sided 3m x 4m fabric banner was cleverly assisted in defining the stand boundary within the open plan design while providing additional messaging opportunities and maximising brand impact within the space.

DisplayWise crafted informative custom displays which featured at both ends of the stand and were fitted with LED lighting strips to create a cohesive look. The open-plan design was a welcoming space for attendees to explore the latest innovations from Qcells, connect with each other and relax at the hired bar tables, chairs, and coffee cart. Additionally, ottomans provided a seating arena for attendees taking in Qcells messaging within the stand.

DisplayWise Exhibition All Energy QCells HERO scaled - Qcells - DisplayWise


Qcells were particularly impressed with the result of the partnership they built with the DisplayWise team. The stand design effectively showcased Qcells’ latest products and maximised brand impact at All Energy, attracting former associates and establishing new connections within the industry. Overall, the collaboration between Qcells and DisplayWise was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of an effective partnership.


“The thing that sets DisplayWise apart from other suppliers we’ve worked with in the past is their level of professionalism right from the start.

Our relationship has been seamless and everybody on the team is very collaborative. It was very easy for us to work together and create something really beautiful.

From day one, we had professional concept ideas sketched out and we had a lot of trust in the way we worked with the team. We knew it was going to be an excellent outcome at the end of the day”.

Stephanie Bond-Hutkin, Head of Marketing – Qcells Australia


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