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Patron Tequila

A Mexican Hacienda for Patron Tequila



The Round Table approached DisplayWise to bring to life this swish Patron Tequila pop up bar at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The art of storytelling in Mexico is not only the words spoken, but it’s the feelings they evoke, colours, textures, sound and movement that creates an overall experience to be remembered. DisplayWise was excited to work closely with The Round Table to bring this unique design concept to life.

Brand Activation
The Round Table
MCA Sydney


The meticulous detail flowed throughout the beautiful bar experience that took Sydney-siders and tourists on a journey to where Patron’s story began. Entering through a timber, hexagon tunnel that acted as a portal into their brand, there were design considerations in every corner of the space. The copper finishes, textured paint on the walls and the overall craftmanship makes the product recognisable by creating an immersive and authentic environment that feels naturally enjoyable to sit in. DisplayWise’s industrial design team researched and tested materials that not only transformed the space, but would withstand the outdoor elements for three months on Sydney Harbour’s foreshore.

Custom bar with archways and integrated lighting for Tequila Patron
Light Walkway Tunnel Tequila Patron at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Light Walkway Tunnel Tequila Patron at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia


DisplayWise’s dedication to precision and innovation yielded exceptional results in bringing Patron’s brand story to life on Sydney Harbour’s foreshore. The immersive experience created for both Sydney-siders and tourists exceeded expectations for The Round Table. This collaboration resulted in an authentic Mexican hacienda environment that not only provided an enjoyable space for visitors but also enhanced brand visibility for the end client.


Light Walkway Tunnel Tequila Patron at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

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