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OP3 Global for Qatar Tourism

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Delivering a Seamless World Class Experience


DisplayWise was approached by OP3 with a brief for their client, Qatar Tourism, that pushed the boundaries of innovation and production. The design provided aimed to create an experience that reflected the sophistication and elegance of visiting Qatar during the AIME 2023 Exhibition.

AIME is the premier trade event for the meetings and events industry in the Asia Pacific region, and this year’s 30th-anniversary event was held at the MCEC. It was crucial for Qatar Tourism to maximize its brand position during this event with an exceptional display to solidify the country as a premier event destination.

OP3 and DisplayWise collaborated for the first time to design the global Qatar Tourism stand, with some modifications needed to meet Australian building standards. Achieving the technically complex aspects of the captivating curved design required a high level of skill and attention to detail. The execution of the stand to such quality and scale in an international market was challenging, but a strong and dependable partnership was formed and delivered outstanding results.

OP3 Global for Qatar Tourism
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The DisplayWise team were dedicated in their approach to refining the design to meet local requirements without compromising the fundamental structure or cultural elements. Brand presence throughout the stand was displayed in many impressive formats, including illuminated logos, custom fabrics, vinyl and laser-cut acrylic texts. Additionally, multiple screens were incorporated, including a 5x2m overhead curved screen that showcased bursts of images and quotes related to the “Visit Qatar” campaign.

A bold and technically complex curved façade housed a private meeting area and Majilis room, complete with chandelier, middle eastern dates, and golden framed portraits as per customary requirements. Effective communication between OP3 and DisplayWise facilitated the translation of these intricate and crucial details, surrounding any geographical barriers that may have existed. Highly skilled DisplayWise craftsmen showcased their technical expertise during the construction, to achieve flawless 3D curved structures. Glass doors with frosted panelling provided privacy to these meeting rooms, with the doors built on multiple 9-degree angles to align with the façade.

To attain a smooth and seamless finish, high-quality paint coatings were applied on-site once the components were assembled. Typically this process is done offsite, with panels and components of the stand being painted and finished before being transported to the exhibition site for assembly. DisplayWise departed from the conventional approach and elevated this process to achieve a remarkably polished appearance.

The stand included multiple versatile meeting areas featuring custom upholstered banquette seating areas with hidden lockable storage areas, all installed on top of plush broadloom carpeting. The banquette cushions were custom designed from locally sourced velvet, adding a touch of opulence for visitors to the stand. OP3 collaborated with DisplayWise to ensure that the Qatar Tourism brand colours were translated accurately throughout the stand, with close attention paid to sourcing finishes, including this custom fabric, in the brand Pantone colours.

DisplayWise ensured the stand was well-equipped to cater to the global audience by providing double power and USB outlets. Additionally, power adaptors were supplied to ensure that even the most well-travelled visitor’s phone was charged, enabling them to capture the amazing networking backdrop and prepare for scheduled meetings.

DisplayWise’s exceptional market-leading service and support played a pivotal role in the success of the project, as they were responsible for sourcing and installing the bespoke custom elements showcased throughout the stand. The highly experienced team’s exceptional ability to meet unique requirements was a critical factor in the stunning final outcome. 

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  • Seamless curved structures on multiple axis (3D curves on two different axis).
  • Curved facade to house meeting rooms.
  • Curved doors – Multiple 9-degree angles were combined to align with the meeting room façade.
  • Integrated 5m x 2m overhead curved screen housed with custom painted shroud.


  • Quality paint finish – bog / sand and paint onsite.
  • 100mm raised floor with custom powder coated capping around perimeter of stand – Aligned to Qatar pantone colours.
  • False ceilings within meeting rooms.
  • Custom upholstery – Locally sourced to match brand pantone colours.
  • Furniture was sourced locally specifically for the stand.
  • Plush broadloom carpet joined seamlessly to cover the entire stand footprint.
  • False ceilings within meeting rooms.

“DisplayWise demonstrated their commitment to excellence with the delivery of an outstanding build for OP3 Global on behalf of their client Qatar Tourism, for AIME 23.

They are invested in the success of their customers, which is even more crucial for us with an international client and means we can count on them as our trusted Australian stand builder. The result mirrored the supplied design perfectly and their experience in working with the local market meant that any slight changes necessary were taken care of.

The on-site support provided was exceptional and Rory facilitated a seamless partnership, ensuring the overall success of this project. It’s great to work with a company that values customer service and is willing to go above and beyond to support its clients.”

Suraj Gandhi, Key Account Manager – OP3 Global

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The execution was the “crowning glory” of AIME 2023, and attracted a buzz from all who witnessed the stand. Whether you were a visitor or a fellow exhibitor at AIME, there was no denying the sheer technical excellence and attention to detail that was carried out in nurturing the design to its final debut.

Qatar Tourism was extremely impressed with the result of the collaboration between DisplayWise and OP3 Global, as they worked together in synergy with the end goal of producing a stand for their client that was nothing less than perfection.

DisplayWise’s expertise and technical ability played a critical role in realizing the exceptional details in the creation of the stand. As a result, OP3 Global and DisplayWise have extended their partnership to future projects, based on their success in delivering outstanding results for Qatar Tourism.

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