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Nutra Organics

Nutra Organics Home Replica Exhibit at Naturally Good Expo
Designing an organic lifestyle home replica



Nutra Organics engaged DisplayWise to design a custom display for the 2021 Naturally Good exhibition, held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. DisplayWise received a concise brief from the client including mood boards and line-drawings, with a clear direction of the ‘interior style’ the design concept needed to include. This inspiration quickly helped DisplayWise understand the brand’s vision and ensured the brand’s initial concepts were translated into each element of the design.

Nutra Organics wanted to display on the stand a variety of products from various categories within their wholefoods and beauty range offerings such as ‘Collagen & Gelatines’, ‘Nourishing Broths’ and ‘Skin Care’ products. The design needed to highlight these product ranges as they would fit in a real – life setting where you would find consumers incorporating these products into their everyday routines.

Nutra Organics
Display Type
Naturally Good Expo
ICC Sydney
Nutra Organics Home Replica Exhibit at Naturally Good Expo
Nutra Organics Home Replica Exhibit at Naturally Good Expo



The DisplayWise team was quick to respond to the brief by creating a concept that helped Nutra Organic’s vision come to life. With direction from the client, careful consideration was taken into the design to replicate a kitchen/pantry setting, where their wholefood products would sit, together with a bathroom vanity to feature the new category addition to their brand – the ‘Skin Care’ range.


DisplayWise was briefed to ensure plenty of lighting was incorporated in the display to draw attention to Nutra Organic products, making this a focal point which was imperative to the design.


To maximise the Nutra Organics budget, DisplayWise offered the client alternative materials and finishes throughout the design, helping the client achieve their vision of resembling a premium and sophisticated look in a cost-effective manner. For the kitchen/pantry wall, the shelving was made from a woodmatt laminate material which had a woodgrain texture, resembling a timber look, and featured LED under lighting. The white subway tiles and the soft peach V – Groove tiles from the vanity were made from an alternate material to regular ceramic tiles and were painted so that they were an almost exact replica of traditional tiles. The bright whites of the lights complemented the warm woods and soft peach painted V – Groove tiles.


Also incorporated into the design was a kitchen island which the client used as a servery for sampling purposes – a draw card for event attendees such as wholesalers and distributors to sample Nutra Organics products. With regards to transportation and future use of the Nutra Organics display, careful consideration was taken into the design. DisplayWise designed the display ensuring it could fit into crates for easy transportation and protection and use at future events and exhibitions.

“After DisplayWise was recommended to us, we got in touch with a really tight turnaround to create a custom booth for a major trade show. Cameron & the team brought our vision to life and were happy to accommodate every request to ensure every detail of the booth reflected our brand whilst being functional and on budget. The booth looked brilliant and our whole team couldn’t be happier with the end result”.”
Jemma Quinlan – Brand Manager, Nutra Organics
Nutra Organics Home Replica Exhibit at Naturally Good Expo
Nutra Organics Home Replica Exhibit at Naturally Good Expo
Nutra Organics Home Replica Exhibit at Naturally Good Expo


DisplayWise was very much in tune with Nutra Organics brand vision, which made the project a seamless and collaborative effort. The beautifully crafted stand attracted many attendees who stopped by; allowing wholesalers and distributors to walk onto the stand to get a close up look of Nutra Organics product offerings.

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