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Electric Vehicle Retail Display for Mini Cooper Electric
Showroom display for MINI Electric



MINI approached custom-build partner DisplayWise to support the launch of their second electric vehicle, the MINI Electric Hatch (also known as BEV which stands for battery electric vehicle). The request came after a successful prior campaign, whereby DisplayWise had been engaged to produce a similar POS display for MINI’s Cooper SE Countryman, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.


With the MINI electric offering now growing from a model to a range, MINI’s Brand & Marketing team reached out to DisplayWise, requesting a new design and POS that would, more broadly focus and cater to the MINI electric range over its prior vehicle specific display. The semi-permanent POS displays were required across all 21 dealerships, requiring distribution across both Australia and New Zealand.

Mini Electric
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Possessing a longstanding relationship with client MINI and the automotive industry in general, DisplayWise were quick to respond with an eye-catching yet pragmatic solution to the brief. After a small sequence of design revisions, the DisplayWise industrial design team had developed a revised POS design that responded to the brief’s juxtaposition of slick and sustainable.

By incorporating a lightbox façade, the display projected with eye-catching luminosity – an integration intended to retain attention throughout all hours of the day. Furthermore, the slender and sleek profile of the display was complete with a decorative screen-like finish of spotted gum, an element chosen to provoke a sense of environment and sustainability.


The design team worked closely with client MINI to ensure its fleet of electric vehicles would not impede on the visibility of the display, making certain the MINI Electric branding and its charging station were fixed at an adequate height. Whilst its primary intention was for display purposes, the solution developed would also ensure the MINI Electric charging units could feature in the showroom in their full operation.

Electric Vehicle Retail Display for Mini Cooper Electric
Electric Vehicle Retail Display for Mini Cooper Electric
Electric Vehicle Retail Display for Mini Cooper Electric


DisplayWise successfully designed, built and distributed the custom POS displays as requested to the extended network of 21 MINI dealers. The Project Management team at DisplayWise ensured the units were adequately packaged and shipped, as a result they arrived on time and in showroom condition across both Australian and New Zealand sites.


Both the Marketing team at MINI and its dealerships were thrilled with the solution provided by DisplayWise. The POS displays are now on show and in operation, powering the MINI electric fleet onsite at all MINI dealers across Australian and New Zealand.

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