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Retail Pop-Up for Lellure Sydney



Lellure engaged DisplayWise to design and build a retail activation space to launch their new organic skin care range to an Australian market.


The activation required a design that would complement the overall campaign designed to facilitate an increase of brand awareness and retail sales in the Sydney market.


Booked to feature on the premier strip of Pitt St Mall, the build was completed with the brand’s custom palette of luminous colours included to match their product packaging, alongside a series of display plinths finished in shimmering shades of pink and blue with flecks of silver; giving a prestige look and feel to the passer-by.

Retail Pop-Up
Pitt St Mall, Sydney
30 SQM



With DisplayWise being familiar with the chosen site’s declining surface, it was acknowledged early on that the build would require a custom designed, raised stage to level the ground underfoot.


Apart from levelling the site, the raised platform was also introduced to elevate the installation – an initiative that would increase both brand visibility and brand presence at the thoroughfare hotspot.


To ensure the brand guidelines were meticulously applied, DisplayWise applied PMS colour coded paint finishes across the cascade of display plinths and surface areas. The vibrant palette was finished with oversized print graphics and bold branding.


Introducing adequate concealed storage with an extended length retail counter would also ensure the build could sufficiently support the retailing element of the client’s brief.



The finishing aesthetic provided Lellure with a high-end, luxurious retail pop up solution. Alongside the engaging visual appeal, the high traffic zone enabled Lellure to showcase samples, create social buzz and brand awareness throughout the 2-week campaign.

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