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Logitech Jaybird Retail Display Rollout at Westfield, NSW
Ultimate Ears pop up



With an objective to increase brand awareness and boost sales in the lead up to Christmas, longstanding client Logitech, approached DisplayWise to design, build and install a retail pop up display store inside Westfield Bondi Junction.

Display Type
Bondi Junction
Display Size
24 sqm
Logitech Jaybird Retail Display Rollout at Westfield, NSW



Alongside the requirement that the display be capable of cohesively displaying two of the brands most popular product lines, DisplayWise devised a retail design that was both captivating and edgy to ensure it adequately spoke to the target market. With the Jaybird Headphones and Ultimate Ears product lines geared towards a tech-driven younger market, the design contained an elegant balance tech positioned in amongst a seasonal taste of Christmas. By using illuminated acrylic panels alongside branded display plinths, the overall look and feel of the retail display provided Logitech with a consistent and strong representation of their brand and product line.

Logitech Jaybird Retail Display Rollout at Westfield, NSW
Logitech Jaybird Retail Display Rollout at Westfield, NSW



On show for the entire month of Christmas, the pop up retail initiative allowed the passer-by to touch, feel, experience, and ultimately purchase the Logitech range. The striking use of colour, texture and graphics provided an intriguing visual, further increasing the foot traffic and interest for the products on display.

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