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Inchcape for Peugeot Australia

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A Front Runner in the Electric Vehicle Industry


In collaboration with Inchcape for Peugeot Australia, a pioneering brand in the electric vehicle sector, the brand aimed to make their mark at Everything Electric Australia, hosted at Sydney Showgrounds for the second consecutive year. Formerly known as Fully Charged LIVE, the Everything Electric event aims to raise awareness and tap into the growing interest in electric vehicles and sustainable living in Australia.

The challenge for DisplayWise was clear; propel Peugeot into the electric vehicle industry in Australia and build the foundations to establish the brand in this growing market. DisplayWise understood the weight of this opportunity and carefully considered the brief to deliver an exceptional outcome.

Inchcape for Peugeot Australia
Sydney Showground


DisplayWise created an open and inviting space for Peugeot’s strategically positioned 15x15m stand, highlighting the brands prominent positioning at the show. The design included a visually striking branded overhead rigging structure, creating a captivating focal point. Along with this, DisplayWise skilfully created three impressive stand-alone wall structures underneath. Each structure comprised a large rhombus with prominent printed wall panels bearing the tagline ‘electrifying allure’, topped by a secondary wall showcasing Peugeot branding. The streamlined rhombus form used on the stand was a key design element to compliment the EV car display as it suggested an emphasis on motion and effortlessly cutting through any air resistance with minimal energy consumption. Much like the precision engineering required for EVs, this geometric symmetry of the rhombus maximised impact for the space with a harmonious blend of aesthetic allure and functional efficiency. DisplayWise also utilised lighting to effectively highlight the vivid graphics on the panels as well as incorporating various QR codes in the graphic panels to further engage with their audience and elevate their visual impact. These 3.6-metre-high iconic wall structures set Peugeot apart from competitors and drew visitors to the stand.

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Housing two electric vehicles, the stand proudly showcased the latest E-2008 and E-Partner, both strategically positioned in front of each of the wall structures where the respective collateral and graphics were placed. DisplayWise’s design concept aimed at creating a welcoming environment that encouraged visitors to spend more time within the display. Opting for a modern design reflecting Peugeot’s commitment to innovation, the layout incorporated clean lines, sleek surfaces and minimalistic aesthetics resulting in a visually stunning atmosphere. The open-plan layout, complimented by seating options and tables, fostered an environment conducive to engaging with Peugeot’s offerings.

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Peugeots’ presence at Everything Electric solidified its position as a key player in the electric vehicle industry. DisplayWise delivered a stand that surpassed expectations and effectively showcased the brand’s scale and significance. By optimising the stand’s layout and incorporating captivating visuals, DisplayWise ensured that Peugeot’s stand became a focal point for attendees, commanding attention and leaving a lasting impression.

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