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Gay Games Hong Kong 2023

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Sharing the spirit of unity in diversity


DisplayWise and Gay Games Hong Kong collaborated to create a vibrant truck float for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. The stakes were high for DisplayWise to deliver an exceptional build that would promote the first Gay Games within Asia to such a receptive audience. As the construction was attached to a moving vehicle, safety requirements were critical throughout the project build. Additionally, the Mardi Gras committee provided specific guidelines regarding the dimensions of all floats taking part in the parade.

Gay Games Hong Kong sought an experienced build partner to take the lead on various aspects of the production, with DisplayWise providing AV requirements, licensed truck drivers on parade day and construction recommendations.

Gay Games Hong Kong 2023
Truck Float
Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade
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3 4 - Gay Games Hong Kong 2023 - DisplayWise

THE Solution

Close collaboration between DisplayWise and Gay Games Hong Kong was successful in producing a refined design concept that reflected the colourful spirit of the organisation and could be safely transported. The creative concept for the float included the rainbow colours of diversity reflected across the Sampan, a traditional Hong Kong boat. Underneath the Sampan sit two grey hands representing humanity and the sides of the truck feature the beautifully shaped petals of Hong Kong’s Bauhinia flower. The ornate, profile-cut curved petal shapes were crafted from removable vinyl and placed over the cabin sides. Additionally, ombre-printed three-dimensional lettering positioned at the front and rear of the truck ensured impactful messaging.

Given they are a community-based organisation, the budget was also an important consideration in refining the design of the float. The custom graphic elements were chosen for their cost-effectiveness and durability to withstand all weather conditions for this huge outdoor event.

Large elements of the client’s sail-shaped logo were secured to both sides of the tray with additional strapping, as DisplayWise employed their experienced construction staff to provide the necessary safety checks. A hired tray back truck was used, which required DisplayWise to ensure the design had a degree of flexibility so that constructed elements could be adjusted for precision once the truck arrived on site for the build. The final design also had to comply with Mardi Gras float specifications regarding the overall size.

DisplayWise’s specialist team took the reins to organise all AV requirements for the float, including speakers, coloured LED lighting, and power sources. Many of the DisplayWise employees also hold a truck licence, which allows end-to-end production management, transporting the float to the parade route and returning it to the warehouse after hours. This streamlined the logistics of the project and allowed for efficient management of the float’s transportation and storage. The ability to manage the entire process in-house also allowed for greater control over the project’s timeline, safety requirements and budget.

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DisplayWise successfully delivered a visually stunning, safe, truck float that showcased the spirit and message of the Gay Games Hong Kong organisation. The organisation was thrilled with the end-to-end management of the production and the seamless execution of the design. DisplayWise’s expertise and assistance ensured that the not-for-profit organisation could capitalise on the opportunity to build its presence ahead of the 2023 Gay Games in Asia with an impactful display.

DisplayWise went above and beyond to ensure that the Gay Games Hong Kong’s Mardi Gras Float was delivered on time, within budget, adhering to all safety standards and with maximum impact. They were very professional and took the initiative to assist our creative team who were designing a float for the first time. This took a lot of stress away from us as first-time float organisers.

Trevor, in particular, was eager to please in delivering the best results for our allocated budget. Thank you Trevor for your patience and professionalism.”

David Chai – Head of Corporate and International Outreach Team

Gay Games Hong Kong  

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