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Evie Networks

2 - Evie Networks - DisplayWise

Accelerating the Adoption of EV Technology


DisplayWise collaborated with Evie Networks, a pioneering start-up brand in the electric vehicle industry, to leave a lasting impression at Australia’s first-ever Fully Charged Live event. As a leader in their category, Evie Networks aimed to showcase the scale and size of their brand through their participation in this prestigious event.

DisplayWise understood the weight of this opportunity to reinforce Evie Networks as a frontrunner in the thriving electric vehicle market, carefully considering the brief to deliver an exceptional outcome.

Evie Networks
ICC Sydney
50 sqm


DisplayWise skillfully created an impressive cut-to-shape 3D replica of the Evie bird logo, which served as a standout feature of the display. The 3-metre-high iconic logo was mounted to the wall panels, setting Evie Networks apart from competitors and drawing visitors to the stand. Additionally, an Evie charging station also proved a valuable tool to assist in driving engagement.

The large printed wall panels conveyed Evie Networks’ key brand messaging and educated event attendees on the scope of their offerings. DisplayWise utilised lighting to effectively highlight the vivid graphic messaging on the panels and further elevated the overall visual impact.

DisplayWise’s design concept centred on creating a welcoming space that encouraged visitors to extend their time within the display. The open-plan layout, complemented by strategically placed seating options and tables, fostered an environment conducive to education and engagement with Evie Networks’ offerings.

Notably, the stand’s adaptability to varying sized layouts showcased a strong element of reusability. DisplayWise successfully crafted a design specifically tailored for the 10×5 exhibition space, while also ensuring it could be easily modified to accommodate a 6×3 or 3×3 configuration. This flexibility guarantees the stand can be effectively utilised for future events, maximising its value and investment.

To enhance functionality, DisplayWise incorporated a centrally positioned hospitality counter featuring LED lighting. A focal point for visitor interaction, the counter was equipped with a fridge space and lockable storage, providing convenience and practicality for the Evie Networks team.

3 - Evie Networks - DisplayWise


Evie Networks’ presence at Fully Charged Live solidified their position as a prominent player in the electric vehicle industry. DisplayWise delivered a stand that exceeded expectations and effectively showcased the scale and significance of the brand. Through careful optimisation of the stand’s layout, incorporation of captivating visuals, and implementation of interactive elements, DisplayWise ensured that Evie Networks’ stand became a focal point for attendees, commanding attention and leaving a lasting impression.

“The DisplayWise team were very professional to work with throughout the project. Their expertise and guidance proved invaluable from the design phase all the way through to the display’s bump-in, making a significant impact in this space. We were also the first display construction finished out of all the exhibitors at the event!”

Emma Edge, Marketing Manager – Evie Networks 


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