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Dometic Caravan custom stand exhibition design for Caravan and Camping show

Transparent RV Showcases Dometic 'Mobile Living'


DisplayWise was contacted by longstanding client, Dometic, to create a new exhibition stand for the Caravan and Camping shows nationwide. The brief was to be big, bold and powerful with the use of warmer tones and natural materials to mirror the harsh conditions experienced in the Australian outdoors.

The new design was also required to reflect international Dometic brand standards whilst having modular components to be able to deconstruct and reconstruct certain elements based on the various venue height restrictions.

Traditionally at the exhibitions, Dometic would showcase a multitude of products and brands. However, for this new stand, the design needed to be integrated and focused on ‘hero’ products for the Dometic Outdoor, Enerdrive and Dometic Service brands.

Victoria, NSW, Queensland
Display Size
Up to 300sqm per site
Dometic Caravan custom stand exhibition design for Caravan and Camping show
Dometic product display on custom stand exhibition for Caravan and Camping show


DisplayWise worked closely with Dometic to understand their global brand standards and developed the ‘Caravan’ structure with the intent to showcase products in a simulated caravan environment.

Dometic’s key brand message is to ‘make the world more mobile – [creating] smart, sustainable, and reliable products with outstanding design for an outdoor and mobile lifestyle’. With these objectives in mind, our Industrial Designers brought the Caravan render to reality, enabling Dometic’s products to be displayed in an eye-catching way.

The exhibition stand was designed to be deconstructed and freighted interstate which required a modular and adjustable structure to meet different venue height restrictions. DisplayWise applied previous Dometic stand builds to utilize an extension pelmut design which was able to be adapted in response to height restrictions and provided additional branding opportunities.

DisplayWise also recommended traceless finishes to be used on all high-use surfaces. This type of material application is now the industry choice standard, and this new build provided the opportunity to elevate the Dometic aesthetic.

Dometic Caravan custom stand exhibition design for Caravan and Camping show

Finger marks are almost never seen on traceless finishes as well as reducing the time required for care, cleaning and maintenance – an important consideration as the previous year saw the best-ever attendance record for the NSW Caravan and Camping show. These finishes were also scratch, stain and heat resistant which were suitable for the longevity and reuse requirements of the new stand lifespan.

‘Moving messaging’ was another key design update as the brand had evolved significantly. A TV wall was recommended to provide high entertainment content, attract attention and imprint key memory traces for optimal post show marketing.

With the new ability to show product videos, ‘Dometic Stories’, demonstrations and advertising, an increase in visitor engagement and brand awareness was to be achieved.

To ensure DisplayWise had developed a solution that met the bespoke requirements of Dometic’s new stand, we test assembled and prototyped certain elements at our production facility in Melbourne.

Dometic Caravan custom stand exhibition design for Caravan and Camping show
Dometic custom stand exhibition design for Caravan and Camping show


Whether visitors to the stand were seasoned travellers or looking to get started in the outdoor adventure lifestyle, the feedback received on the product display offering and immersive Caravan experience was outstanding.

The test assemble approach ensured complete visibility of key areas and quality assurance for Dometic ahead of delivery and installation.

Printed proofs and sample boards also assisted in effective sign-off procedures to ensure project milestones were being met and the production schedule was on time for Dometic’s first show roll-out.

Dometic were delighted to partner with DisplayWise on the new exhibition stand approach and execution.

The trusted relationship, flexibility of design and attention to detail from the DisplayWise team were key factors in another successful exhibition stand roll out for Dometic.

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