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Bastion Experience for Viktor & Rolf

1 - Bastion Experience for Viktor & Rolf - DisplayWise
Flowerbomb - A Beauty Explosion


A remarkable partnership was on show as Bastion Experience and DisplayWise united to craft a powerful brand activation for Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb fragrance.

Bastion introduced a captivating international brand concept to the DisplayWise team which required refining to align with the Highpoint site guidelines. The in-house industrial design team then had to carefully assess suggested product usage and make adjustments for local availability whilst adhering to L’Oreal’s environmental guidelines.

Fragile aspects of the stand required the team’s lauded attention to detail during the freight and installation phase to ensure a stunning activation.

Bastion Experience for Viktor & Rolfe
Retail/ Brand Activation
HighPoint Shopping Centre
20 sqm
2 - Bastion Experience for Viktor & Rolf - DisplayWise
3 - Bastion Experience for Viktor & Rolf - DisplayWise

THE Solution

At the heart of the activation, the striking Flowerbomb bottle was testament to the outstanding collaborative efforts of the partnership. Adorned with an explosion of handcrafted paper flowers, the bottle itself was a work of art that created an irresistible focal point to entice shoppers. The execution was impeccably presented, made possible by the team’s meticulous attention to detail and expert craftmanship. Crafted from timber, the frame of the bottle underwent numerous rounds of careful sanding and sprayed silver to attain a smooth, metallic-like finish whilst ensuring recyclability.

Within the bottle, shoppers were met with a dazzling kaleidoscopic mirror experience. DisplayWise skillfully incorporated mirrored panels on every interior surface, creating a captivating display of blooming flowers that heightened the brand’s visual identity. This effect was achieved through precise routing of lines into standard flat mirror panels, strategically placed for maximum impact. Exceptional attention to detail and commitment to the preservation of these delicate components throughout the installation, contributed to the flawless execution and heightened impact of the activation.

Leveraging the collective design expertise of the Bastion and DisplayWise partnership guaranteed every facet of the activation received utmost attention. Flowerbomb’s iconic outer packaging came to life through a 2.7m cube frame powder coated in pale pink, complete with authentic seal and ribbons. Light pink flooring was then thoughtfully paired with a silver edge, completing the cohesive look.

A double-sided fabric back wall effectively showcased the brand and balanced the need to define an engaging and functional POS space within the activation. The layout was thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly incorporate product display, gift wrapping and lockable storage solutions.

Sustainability was a key consideration throughout the project and the overall design was meticulously crafted for reuse wherever possible, aligning with L’Oreal’s overarching commitment. Framing components throughout the activation were intentionally constructed from timber or hired BeMatrix shell scheme, with an emphasis on recyclability or reusability. Additional elements, including the delicate paper flowers, ribbon, wax seal and fabric banner were all environmentally friendly and recyclable and many were also carefully packaged and stored for future use.

4 - Bastion Experience for Viktor & Rolf - DisplayWise


The collaboration between Bastion and DisplayWise for the Viktor & Rolf activation resulted in an exceptional retail experience. Design excellence, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail came together to create an immersive brand environment, underscored by a strong commitment to sustainability. This ensured that the activation not only captivated shoppers but also left a lasting brand impression that extended well beyond the physical space.

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6 - Bastion Experience for Viktor & Rolf - DisplayWise

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