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Bastion Experience for Polo Red

2 - Bastion Experience for Polo Red - DisplayWise
Top of the grid for Polo Red



Partnering with agency client Bastion Experience, DisplayWise were tasked with creating a captivating retail display for the Polo Red brand in HighPoint Shopping Centre. The campaign was to mark a strategic shift for the brand which aimed at reconnecting with its foundational essence and capturing the attention of a new customer base, particularly the Gen Z demographic.

The retail showcase was one part of this repositioning campaign which aligned with the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The main objective was to shift the brand into the top 5 male fragrances at the end of the campaign period. 

The build required a number of display elements including a virtual reality (VR) experience, product samples and a testing station that promoted the new modern design and refillable bottles as well as new imagery, models and visuals that would reinvigorate the brand and strongly resonate with the target audience.

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Highpoint Shopping Centre
4 - Bastion Experience for Polo Red - DisplayWise
1 - Bastion Experience for Polo Red - DisplayWise



DisplayWise embraced this challenge with creativity and technical precision. Dynamic branding elements, such as red flooring and 3D vertical POLO lettering, formed the foundation of the display and immediately caught the attention of shoppers in a cluttered retail environment. A 40″ portrait screen was also strategically positioned next to the main thoroughfare which displayed the rolling branded product video and new campaign imagery. This inclusion provided shoppers with a compelling reintroduction to Polo Red, showcasing their products and brand in a dynamic and engaging way along with other complimentary products in the sampler area.

The custom point of sale unit also featured lockable storage and adjustable internal shelves. This allowed for stock security as well as onsite product storage for faster stock replenishment and consistent merchandising throughout the two-week pop-up campaign period.

The centerpiece of the display, however, was the innovative use of augmented reality (AR) technology, which allowed shoppers to become a Polo racing car driver in a virtual Joshua Tree desert environment. DisplayWise worked closely with technology partner Affinity Outdoor to integrate the experience into the display for a seamless result. Shoppers were encouraged to use their smartphones to transform themselves into a virtual driver and feel the thrill of being on the racetrack. This interactive experience was the ideal approach to connect with the Gen Z and Millennial demographic as it aligned with their digital native or early adopter predispositions as well as maxmising the opportunity to align with a major event such as the Australian Grand Prix.

3 - Bastion Experience for Polo Red - DisplayWise



The collaborative efforts of Bastion Experience and DisplayWise resulted in an exceptional retail display showcase for the Polo Red brand. The strategic location within HighPoint Shopping Centre attracted increased foot traffic and extended visitor dwell time to the display which further supported the overall campaign objectives. The immersive F1 racing experience and dynamic branding elements also quickly captured the attention of visitors, which left them with a memorable and positive impression of Polo Red, crucial in the competitive retail landscape. Bastion Experience and their client were thrilled with the result, underscoring the successful partnership that transformed the campaign into an engaging and impactful retail brand experience.

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