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Bastion Experience for L'Oréal Idole

1 6 - Bastion Experience for L'Oréal Idole - DisplayWise
A Luxurious and Bold Display


Bastion Experience partnered with DisplayWise to create a luxurious and impactful brand activation for L’Oreal’s Idole Nectar fragrance launch. The activation was strategically positioned in prime retail space within Pitt St Mall for maximum impact. Bastion Experience provided a beautiful initial concept, which was further refined in collaboration with DisplayWise.

Creating a seamless experience required meticulous adherence to site-specific regulations and L’Oreal’s sustainability checklist, which was skillfullyachieved through the combined expertise of Bastion Experience and DisplayWise.

Bastion Experience for L’Oréal Idole
Retail/ Brand Activation
Westfield, Pitt St Mall – Sydney CBD
20 sqm
2 6 - Bastion Experience for L'Oréal Idole - DisplayWise
6 3 - Bastion Experience for L'Oréal Idole - DisplayWise

THE Solution

Bastion Experience, a leader in experiential marketing, entrusted DisplayWise, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, with the task of bringing their innovative vision to life.

With meticulous attention to detail, DisplayWise crafted bespoke elements that were not only visually stunning but also designed for careful handling and future use. The standout feature was the VAC-formed acrylic three-dimensional heart, skilfully constructed to serve as the undeniable centrepiece of the activation. Its rotating mechanism added an extra layer of intrigue, captivating the attention of customers and immersing them in the brand experience.

Given the positioning of the activation within the Pitt St retail precinct, DisplayWise encountered line-of-sight restrictions that required careful consideration. Drawing on our expertise and past experience for this site, DisplayWise collaborated closely with Bastion Experience to ensure that the design complied with the centre’s sightline regulations. DisplayWise proposed a seamless solution by staggering the side walls, providing viewers with glimpses beyond the activation boundaries while maintaining compliance.

Sustainability was a shared commitment between Bastion Experience and DisplayWise and aligned with L’Oreal’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Opportunities were actively sought to repurpose elements, reducing waste and minimising the impact on the environment. DisplayWise demonstrated dedication to sustainability by finding solutions that met both aesthetic and environmental standards when sourcing luxurious satin, chrome, and rose gold high gloss finishes.

Additionally, assets were repurposed to fit the Pitt St site’s unique footprint. The subfloor offset the sloping area, complemented by hired flooring and edge ramps for a seamless presentation. Reusing sustainable lightboxes and repurposing L’Oreal’s animation table showcased further ingenuity and resource optimisation. Energy-efficient LED lighting was seamlessly integrated throughout, illuminating the stunning display to create an atmosphere of elegance and allure.

4 6 - Bastion Experience for L'Oréal Idole - DisplayWise


Bastion Experience was thoroughly impressed with the exceptional work that resulted from their collaboration with DisplayWise on the L’OrealIdole fragrance launch. Exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability were instrumental in bringing Bastion’s concept to life. The innovative solutions and resourceful execution ensured the activation surpassed expectations, solidifying both DisplayWiseand Bastion Experience’s positions as leaders in the industry.

7 1 - Bastion Experience for L'Oréal Idole - DisplayWise

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