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Australian Defence Apparel

Military Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) Exhibit at Land Forces
Showcasing the 'future soldier'



ADA (Australian Defence Apparel) approached DisplayWise to custom build an exhibition stand for the 2021 Land Forces International Land Defence Exhibition held in June at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the largest primary manufacturer of Australian Military apparel, ADA’s brief required a stand design that could showcase a variety of new and innovative apparel designs – those which the ADA team had engineered in recent years, building on ADA’s ethos of human-centred designs, uniforms, body armour and load carriage innovations. 

To truly highlight the revolutionary apparel, the integration of technology in the form of interactive displays was imperative to give visitors the opportunity to get hands-on and explore the products. The client conceptualised a display which evoked a strong theme throughout – ‘the future soldier’, a theme correlating to the brands new future soldier apparel solutions; The Next-Gen Combatant, Female Warfighter, Future Soldier and Combat K9 apparel systems. Another key deliverable for ADA in the design brief was a request for a modular typed stand allowing the flexibility to reuse and re-purpose several components of the stand at different venues and future expositions.

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Military Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) Exhibit at Land Forces
Military Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) Exhibit at Land Forces



A mood board and well set-out brief allowed DisplayWise to instantly conceptualise ADA’s visions for their stand. DisplayWise provided design concepts to the client responding to their brief to centre the stand design around an industrial, military look. To achieve this, careful consideration was taken to each element of the design ensuring purposeful use of the 12 x 12m space. The design team created a stand that allowed for difference zones to be set-up including a coffee station, meeting room, bespoke product display cases and seating area with the goal of creating an open plan layout for easy movement throughout the stand. In addition, space was allocated for ADA to host product demonstrations alongside their event partners, and most importantly a space where attendees could interact with the displays and new technology systems.

To demonstrate the military theme, the use of shipping container styled structures were positioned around the perimeters of the stand. Inspiration was taken from true military style cases and our Industrial Design team replicated these by designing and constructing the shipping containers using CNC routed detailing and cut-out pieces such as the hinges and corner capping pieces. To further the effect, the design team used powder coated corrugated sheeting panels for the exterior of the containers and styled the ends with galvanised steel shipping container locks. Not only did the DisplayWise team deliver an uncanny replica of a shipping container, this allowed for ample storage space, a meeting room to interact with clients, and a place for ADA to display their apparel as they would in a retail precinct.

Wanting to ‘re-use’ and ‘repurpose’ different elements of the stand was paramount in response to the clients brief. Working closely with the ADA team, DisplayWise created various elements (units) such as clothing racks to display certain apparel, heavy duty cases and counters that could be repurposed for future use – a cohesive library of branded elements that are unique to ADA.

To showcase ADA’s new apparel solutions, the DisplayWise Industrial Design team took further inspiration from the ADA logo and created a centre piece using product plinths to feature ‘future soldier’ apparel solutions with the use of mannequins. DisplayWise seamlessly integrated the brand’s apparel and technology into this focal area of the stand, where visitors could view the apparel using ADA’s 3D resolution software.

Above the stand, hanging on the ceiling, DisplayWise sourced for ADA an eye-catching branded circular LED screen, with the intent to capture event attendee’s attention and draw visitors onto the stand from across the show floor.

“The Display Wise Account Manager, Narelle and Designer, Waleed was a dream to work with. They understood our brand and the brief from the start and delivered well above what we had envisioned. Our plan was to create an experience that was on brand and impactful, and we were looking for a stand that could be modular and reused/reconfigured for future events. The space also had to display key innovation concepts by two brands. We wanted our visitors to be drawn in and move through the space as they discover and experienced the future focussed apparel in dedicated spaces. There were several complex details involved and the Display Wise team executed the design and build to perfection. The design and detail was amazing – congrats team!”

– Poorni Fonseka, Marketing Manager, Australian Defence Apparel (ADA)
Military Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) Exhibit at Land Forces
Military Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) Exhibit at Land Forces



From design through to installation, ADA were pleased with the full project management offered by the DisplayWise team. The DisplayWise team successfully delivered an exhibition stand design which gave exposition visitors an opportunity to take an exclusive up close look at the revolutionary future of military apparel, cleverly designed and engineered by the ADA team.

Capturing ADA’s vision to deliver a show-stopping design that was a true reflection of their brand, DisplayWise confidently created designs that encapsulated ADA’s commitment to innovation, design & performance.

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