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BARE Hygiene's Commercial Hand Sanitiser Stations for Communicado and Asahi
Communicado adopt Bare Hygiene



The year of 2020 has brought with it an experience no like other. The COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating effects were rapidly changing the world and the way in which it operates.



Whilst the health crisis was unfolding, brands across all industries were hard at work trying to make sense of the developing situation; evaluating what it meant for them and how they needed to position themselves to survive the storm. In an effort to retain brand positioning and consumer trust during the uncertain and unnerving times ahead, suddenly terms like safety and hygiene were becoming paramount points of discussion amongst many brands and businesses.



Bare Hygiene
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BARE Hygiene's Commercial Hand Sanitiser Stations for Communicado and Asahi
BARE Hygiene's Commercial Hand Sanitiser Stations for Communicado and Asahi


DisplayWise agency client, Communicado were swift to understand the newfound challenges thrust upon brands, particularly for their client Asahi and the hospitality industry it was so heavily connected too. It was the launch of BARE Hygiene, a brand developed by sister companies DisplayWise and Creative Hire, that gave Communicado and its client Asahi the unique branding opportunity that would convey the message our community so desperately needed to hear during these unprecedented times.

“The new normal means that constant visual confirmation of cleanliness in venues is paramount and also a baseline for reinforcing confidence in people to visit venues for the foreseeable future. Patrons are now expecting brands to go above and beyond to keep them safe, meaning venues need to reassure potentially anxious patrons that they have adapted their business to provide a safe environment and visibly show how they are doing this.”


BARE Hygiene's Commercial Hand Sanitiser Stations for Communicado and Asahi

BARE Hygiene’s range of commercial hand sanitiser stations had already been well received amongst the retail and hospitality industries as they looked to meet the growing COVIDSafe guidelines and requirements. But it was the products unique ability to convey the desired message of safety and security alongside its custom branded nature that piqued interest for Communicado.



Off the back of their longstanding relationship with DisplayWise, Communicado requested the production of one hundred BARE Hygiene hand sanitiser units, each of them custom finished with Asahi branding. Opting for the popular Vogue Stand Up model, the order was requested to be custom finished with an interchangeable magnetic branding plate: a feature that allowed the client to use the stations across its dynamic group of beverage brands with ease.



As initiated by client Communicado, upon delivery Asahi would then deliver the branded sanitiser stations to a selection of venues across Australia including pubs, bars and restaurants. Distributed by DisplayWise with minimal delays or distractions, client Communicado was pleased with the outcome

“We have worked with Displaywise for many years. Rory and the team were particularly helpful and agile in creating a solution that worked for us, meeting tight turnaround times and were able to assist us with our many queries and questions beyond simply supplying the units”


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