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Standard Terms and Conditions.

1. Payment Terms
1.1 100% of payment is required upon receipt of orders under $10,000.
1.2 Orders over $10,000 require a 50% deposit, invoiced on receipt of order (Payable within 7 days).
1.3 Orders over $10,000 require the 50% balance payment to be made before goods leave our warehouse (Prior to Installation).
1.4 Approved Account Holders are subject to the payment terms within their Account form.
1.5 DisplayWise reserves the right to change these payment terms, in instances such as shorter lead times.
1.6 Delays in payment may result in delays in delivery of goods and services.

2. Goods and Services Tax
2.1 Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted within this document do not include GST.
2.2 All items attract a GST rate of 10%.

3. Design Charges (Industrial Design and Graphic Design)
3.1 Initial conceptual designs and 1st revisions are provided free of charge.
3.2 Ongoing conceptual design changes or changes to specifications following the approval of this quotation will be charged at an hourly rate of $ 125.00 (+ GST).

4. Artwork
4.1 Unless otherwise stated, all artwork and images must be provided by the client, in print ready files, as per our Artwork Specifications document.
4.2 If the artwork is not set up to the correct sizes and/or specifications a set up fee will apply, and will be charged at an hourly rate of $ 125.00 (+ GST).

5. Additional Fees
5.1 Additional fees may apply for orders received outside our standard lead times.
5.2 Additional fees may apply for artwork and graphic approval not received by the date specified in this quotation.
5.3 These fees cover additional expenses incurred by DisplayWise, such as overtime and penalty rates.

6. Warranty
6.1 A 12 month manufactures warranty is offered on all display items.
6.2 Please note that the warranty does not cover damage caused by general wear and tear, damage sustained during transport, wind and rain damage, or misuse of the display items.
6.3 Warranty claims must be returned ‘back to base’ by the client for repairs or replacement.
6.4 Our warranty does not cover any third party items. Collection of all/any third party receipts is the sole responsibility of the client, DisplayWise will not keep any third party receipts for warranty purposes.
6.5 DisplayWise shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, property damage, loss of sales, loss of time, loss of data, loss of goodwill or loss of profit resulting from the failure of any Product or from delays in service or the inability to render service.
6.6 DisplayWise warrants the workmanship and materials given in respect of the manufacture of the product. Only the services actually performed by DisplayWise are warranted.
All third party services performed or supplied on your product will be subject to their individual warranty disclaimers.

7. Transport
7.1 Transport and freight charges can vary dramatically due to factors such as urgency of deliveries, fuel levies, out-of-hour delivery charges, waiting time charges, vehicle access and forklift charges. Therefore, all transport and freight costs quoted within this document are estimates only. DisplayWise will pass on Cost + 30% of all associated transport costs. Any variances will be invoiced at the completion of the project.
7.2 DisplayWise can not be held responsible for delays in freight, or any loss or consequences this might cause.
7.3 All goods are transported, handled and installed at the sole risk and responsibility of the client who shall be responsible for any and all theft, damage, & deterioration of the goods, & shall bear the risk of any and all damage whatsoever including acts of omissions by DisplayWise or persons under our control.

8. Storage
8.1 Storage of client material will be charged at $95 per pallet space per month, unless otherwise agreed.
8.2 Any invoices for storage are required to be paid within 7 days.
8.3 Approved Account Holders are subject to the payment terms within their Account form.
8.4 DisplayWise reserves the right to withhold stored goods until storage fees have been paid in full.
8.5 DisplayWise reserves the right to take possession of any goods, whose storage fees remains unpaid and may result in the selling or disposing of those goods at our discretion, to recover storage costs.
8.6 Any goods stored with DisplayWise are done so at the sole risk and responsibility of the client who shall be responsible for loss, damage and deterioration of the goods. The client shall bear the risk of any damage cause by flood, fire, pest vermin, heat, spillage or any other reasons, including acts of omissions of DisplayWise or person under our control.
8.7 It is the responsibility of the owner of the goods, to take out an insurance policy for goods stored at DisplayWise. These are not covered by any of DisplayWise insurance’s.
8.8 At least 48 hours notice is required to access stored goods.

9. Other Items
9.1 The quote is subject to author’s corrections or adjustments made by the client during production process. Any items that are not expressly indicated within the quotation should be assumed as not being included.
9.2 It should be noted that additional work undertaken, but not quoted, will be charged at applicable commercial rates.

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