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Summer Activations that elevate your brand

The warmer months. The perfect time to bring your brand to life. From outdoor activations to retail pop ups; it is the season to create immersive experiences that will take your brand to the next level.

Brand activations are an opportunity to emotionally engage with potential customers and create a positive brand experience that will build brand recall and intent. In fact, 98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation.

If you are considering an activation over the warmer months, these are our top tips to consider and deliver on.

Tickled Pink

When it comes to colour, the brighter, the better. This will ensure you stand out, especially if you are competing for space against your competition.  And who is the GOAT (greatest of all time) of colour – Pantone. When it comes to innovative brand activations that truly stand out, they have it covered.

Their Summer pop up cafe in Monaco was so well received, they ran it for a second year. Offering a small selection of pastries, lunch options, coffees, and fresh juices — it was all branded with Pantone’s signature colour swatches.


What a vibe!

Everyone has a story

Nothing creates engagement more than a good storyline. Having a very clear theme, will instantly attract an audience and create discussion. The key to a good theme is the use of decorations and displays. Spring & Summer is a great time to incorporate florals. Whether you use faux greenery or in season flora, you can never go astray with perfectly paired florals.

DisplayWise Brand Activation Jeep @ Qantas oOH Edge 2 small - Summer Activations that elevate your brand - DisplayWise
DisplayWise Brand Activation House of Colour GPJ STRONG small - Summer Activations that elevate your brand - DisplayWise

Outdoor activations during Spring and Summer, provide an opportunity to use natural lighting effectively. When done right, lighting can be very impactful. Using reflection surfaces is a creative way to enhance the space and incorporate new elements.

In Shape

If you’re going to the effort of creating a pop-up exhibition, then make it worth your while and budget. You need more than just the space. Abstract shapes and configurations will draw attention and engage your audience over and above minimalist executions.

Less is not more when it comes to brand activations. The more interesting, the more memorable.

DisplayWise Brand Activation Audi Sydney Airport 8 1 large - Summer Activations that elevate your brand - DisplayWise

The spotlight shines on in Melbourne for both the Spring Racing Carnival and Spring Fashion Week, both key opportunities to leverage for retail organisations.


Where you can take advantage of a local event and find a creative way to activate your brand, do it, even if you’re a key partner. Take for example, the Melbourne Cup Carnival and its 100, 000 visitors. How do you stand out from the competition?

Well, the answer is – you need a stand-out brand activation. In 2016, YellowGlen took the opportunity to showcase their new branding and build an inviting space that was exceptionally branded. From rest areas to selfie stations, donut walls and partnerships with a local florist and racing ambassador Emma Freedman, they created a memorable and inviting space that offered more than just their product.

With summer looming around the corner, what plans do you have instore? Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

DisplayWise Brand Activation TAB Magic Millions Grab A Winner 11 large - Summer Activations that elevate your brand - DisplayWise

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