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Going Green: The Importance of Sustainability in the Events and Exhibitions Industry

Sustainability is top of mind for both consumers and business owners when choosing a brand to buy from or work with. 88% of consumers want to work with companies who can help them make a difference*. That’s why now it is more important than ever to implement environmentally-conscious initiatives, operate sustainably and minimise our carbon footprint.

So, what does this mean for us at DisplayWise?
Light Walkway Tunnel Tequila Patron at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

If you’re curious as to how to identify if an event is sustainably conscious, look out for these initiatives:

  • Recycled and biodegradable materials.
  • Digital tickets and flyers over paper or plastic.
  • ‘Single-use plastic’ free.
  • Shuttle services and public transport promoted.
  • Energy efficiency, recycling and environmental policies.

Looking beyond sustainability at exhibitions and shows themselves, we realise the significance of our actions, which is why we conduct our own initiatives and practices internally.

NNT Medical Exhibit at Australian Healthcare Week
NNT at Australian Healthcare Week 2021
DisplayWise Exhibition NNT AHW 2 - Going Green: The Importance of Sustainability in the Events and Exhibitions Industry - DisplayWise
NNT at Australian Healthcare Week 2022
 Recycle, reuse, and repurpose

As our customer’s sustainable display choice, our whole ethos is around reuse and repurposing to suit the requirements of our clients. Without compromising on quality, brand exposure or impact, we create displays for exhibitions, events, conferences, and retail environments. It provides exactly what our clients are after, with no nasty or unnecessary additions to landfill.

Sustainable Green Traffik Brand Activation for Macro at Martin Place in 2017
You are who you surround yourself with

It’s not a one-man job, and it takes a village to make a difference. That’s why we choose to work with people and suppliers who align with our sustainability ethos. We request documentation from any suppliers that we engage with, relating to the business’ Environmental Policy or High Conservation Value (HCV) statements before any work is conducted as part of the project scope.

Considered collection

When it comes to production waste, we maintain a very close working relationship with our service provider, Remondis*. Together, we have organised collection services based on type, quality of waste produced, bin storage capacity and site accessibility to assist in minimising environmental impacts. By doing this, we can ensure that all items that can be recycled are done so to minimise the amount of waste that we produce going to landfill.

Caroma Bathroom Exhibit at Australian Healthcare Week (AHW)
Caroma at Australian Healthcare Week 2021
DisplayWise Exhibition Caroma AHW 2 - Going Green: The Importance of Sustainability in the Events and Exhibitions Industry - DisplayWise
Caroma at Australian Healthcare Week 2022
Tap into local

Our team makes a conscious effort to look for locally-run environmental initiatives we can work alongside. We have been proud members of Freecycle, South Sydney since 2019, a not-for-profit organisation made up of more than 5,000 local areas with over 9 million members globally. As members, we have the ability to post requests for ‘offered’ or ‘wanted’ materials on a public-forum platform for the reuse or donation of materials.

Similar to Freecycle, we’re also proud members of Reverse Garbage, another not-for-profit charity committed to promoting sustainability (there’s that word, again) through the reuse of waste materials.

DisplayWise donates suitable materials related to the exhibition industry to members of The Men’s Shed Association to use in the woodwork program, particularly in the Kurnell, Bundeena, Menai, and St George chapters.

If our stands cannot be repurposed, they are disposed of responsibly. Utilising the above initiatives or associations greatly contributes to our sustainability and socio-economic projects.

So, there you have it. Like we said, we know it takes a village, but it starts with one idea. We’re doing our bit to ensure a sustainable exhibition industry that doesn’t forfeit the environment to be successful. DisplayWise closely follows up-to-date sustainability initiatives so you can rest assured you’re making the best decision for your business and the environment.

Read more about our latest work with L’Occitane and their Sustainable Pop Up ‘Refill Station’ where we applied these principles in ethical material sourcing and eco-conscious waste management.

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