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The Power of Storytelling – Tell Your Story, Wisely

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool used in marketing to portray your branding in the best possible light, just the way you’ve planned it. Every brand has a story or a theme they follow. This can be conveyed through your brand’s tone of voice, design, service offering, and brand activations. Experiential marketing has become the way of the future for storytelling – because what better way is there to tell your story than to show it?

Hilton Solander Brand Activation for Curio at West Hotel Sydney

Storytelling provides an avenue to connect to consumers unlike any other. Brands are empowered to share and sell their values and personality in a form that feels less like advertising and more like a concerted effort to strengthen relationships with customers. Stories shape how people see you, acting as a tool of power and a point of persuasion to move people to action. In fact, over two thirds (69%) of surveyed respondents said they go out of their way to engage with brands that align with their own values*, while 34% said they’ve stopped supporting the ones that don’t* (Toluna Consumer Insights, 2021).

Our job (and philosophy) is simple. We design to create stories. Our highly skilled Industrial Design team will take the time to understand your brand and brief and help you tell your story. We’ll work with you to develop and refine ideas until they are signed off and ready to go.

Our services on offer include exhibition stands, brand activations, retail and POS, and event displays. How do we tell your story through these? We thought you’d never ask…

DisplayWise Exhibition Comsteel AusRAIL 1 Hero - The Power of Storytelling - Tell Your Story, Wisely - DisplayWise

From the brief to concept design to installation, we can help you tell your brand or campaign’s story. Our Custom Design Stands put your brand on show and provide a platform for you to connect with your customers. Making your brand stand out with an exhibition is a perfect way to connect and engage with customers. We aim to deliver brand-centric stands that tell stories with innovation on the show floor.

Bold and Bright Carbar Brand Activation at Westfield Sydney
Brand Activations

Brand activations provide a platform for creating meaningful interactions with customers, building loyalty and generating engagement whilst giving the brand an opportunity to convey itself in a more personal manner. From roadshows to sponsorship activations, pop up booths to retail displays, we work with you to develop a great space for your next campaign. The story you tell is completely up to you – you make the plans, we’ll make it happen.

Thinx Retail Display with Multiple Plinths at Pitt Street Mall, Sydney
Retail & POS

If there’s ever a tale to be told, it’s in the retail space (can we call it re-tale?). Retail fit-outs should always aim to tell a story that’s in line with the brand holistically. From a semi-permanent pop up shop, to a showroom design or store-in-store fit out, we can create a great space for your brand to gain exposure, interact with customers and generate sales. This is also an essential aspect for you to discover what works well with your story and our customer.

Moody Single Malt Whiskey Product Launch Event Display for The Macallan
Event Displays

Bringing people together, and creating buzz and excitement are the foundations of a great event and an even better story for your brand. You can create a unique space with custom-made elements to make your story the most memorable one. By helping you to create bespoke display pieces, we help you to bring your event to life and tell your story the right way.

Don’t believe us? Here’s how we have told some great stories:

Nutra Organics

Nutra Organics engaged DisplayWise to design a custom display for the 2021 Naturally Good exhibition, held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. The brief described how Nutra Organics wanted to display a variety of products within their range in a simulated ‘real-life’ setting, where consumers would be using some of these products in their everyday routines. So, we were given our brief with the brand’s campaign story. It was time to get to work…

DisplayWise offered the client alternative materials and finishes throughout the design, helping the client achieve their vision of resembling a premium and sophisticated look in a cost-effective manner. We had to tell their story the right way, so for the kitchen and pantry wall, the shelving was made from a wood matt laminate material that had a woodgrain texture, resembling a timber look, and featured LED underlighting. The white subway tiles and the soft peach V–Groove tiles from the vanity were made from an alternate material to regular ceramic tiles and were painted so that they were an almost exact replica of traditional tiles. The bright whites of the lights complemented the warm woods and soft peach painted V–Groove tiles.

The 2022 Naturally Good Exhibition is coming up again very soon for 2022. To see the result of this case study, click here.


Havas Sports & Entertainment reached out to DisplayWise to design and fabricate an authentic style pop up barber for their client King C. Gillette at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. The story being told here required a complete fit-out for it to emulate the proposed objectives and creative vision. The request to DisplayWise was that their brand book is translated into every element of the build – essentially requiring the design team to morph a 2D concept into 3D form.

The build concept was designed to bring the King C. Gillette brand book to life, with a curated inclusion of exposed brick graphics, walnut countertops and a collection of Chesterfield style furniture featured throughout. Both the interior and exterior of the site were transformed by the indulgent use of the Gillette colour palette, providing a seamless storytelling experience for the customer.

To see the result of this case study, click here.

Australian Defence Apparel 

ADA (Australian Defence Apparel) approached DisplayWise to custom build an exhibition stand for the 2021 Land Forces International Land Defence Exhibition held in June at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. As the largest primary manufacturer of Australian Military apparel, ADA’s brief required a design that could showcase a variety of new and innovative apparel designs.

This required the DisplayWise team to tell a story that would demonstrate the military theme. The use of shipping container-styled structures was positioned around the perimeters of the stand. Inspiration was taken from true military-style cases and the DisplayWise Industrial Design team replicated these by designing and constructing the shipping containers using CNC routed detailing and cut-out pieces such as the hinges and corner capping pieces. To further the effect, the design team used powder coated corrugated sheeting panels for the exterior of the containers and styled the ends with galvanised steel shipping container locks. Not only did the DisplayWise team deliver an uncanny replica of a shipping container, but this also allowed for ample storage space, a meeting room to interact with clients, and a place for ADA to display their apparel as they would in a retail precinct.

To see the result of this case study, click here.

Experiential marketing, activations and retail & POS settings are all effective tools in which to tell your brand’s story. We design to create stories and bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive the transformation to tell your story the right way.

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