Expos are back! Here’s everything you need to know to plan, prepare and perform

Branded Shipping container on exhibition stand at Land Forces

After another challenging year for the events industry, we are thrilled to see the return of exhibitions in 2022. Exhibitions are global events where brands educate, share, promote and connect with customers and other businesses.


There are 3 main benefits that an expo offers a brand:

  1. Promote your brand and products – exhibitions are a great way to get directly in front of your target audience, increase brand awareness and support the launch of new products.
  2. Networking – whether it’s other like-minded businesses owners, decision-makers or customers, expos are great for meeting people and getting connected.
  3. Learning – from seminars to panels to round tables, expos offer fantastic settings for business owners to understand their competitive landscape, learn from others and better themselves in their industry.


As experts in this field, we want to share with you all the things you need to know about exhibitions – from an industry point of view.


Meet Anne Evers, our very knowledgeable General Manager of Sales, who shares her insights on how brands can prepare for the return of expos in 2022.

Future Home Exhibit for Hafele at Grand Designs Australia


What does the current events and exhibition landscape look like and what do brands need to know?

There has been a shift in the events and exhibitions industry since the rise of the global pandemic. From an industry that was renowned for operating with flexibility, agility and speed whilst also having the manpower and production facilities, many businesses today struggle to be responsive to short project deadlines which seem to be a ‘reactive’ trend we’re seeing, as businesses slowly navigate their way out of the rift of the pandemic. This turn has shown us the importance of timing, staff retention and planning. What COVID has done to the industry has made business less fluid and flexible. It is known that up to half of contractors in the installation market have left the industry due to the forced closure of the events and exhibitions industry and the uncertainty of the return of business – so staffing is scarce.

“At DisplayWise, the culture is strong. Having retained our staff throughout the two years of the pandemic has, fortunately, put the business at the forefront of the shift that our industry has presented. We’ve preserved all our industry expertise and knowledge from within the skillset of our staff. We have retained our strong relationships with our national contract installation partners, by making sure we are in conversations with them and building strong partnerships so that now coming into 2022, where the industry is leaner, we are able to deliver on projects, as a result, the support and friendship extended to our contractors through this challenging time. Where everyone was hurting, we ensured that contractors were paid on time and that we extended as much work as we could fostering a two-way partnership so that our industry partners are in a strong position ready for 2022.”

What should brands consider when looking to exhibit in 2022

Meeting face-to-face with customers and suppliers is still imperative for brands to consider as part of their marketing strategies. When businesses invest in an exhibition stand and in-person events, those employees working the stands and involved in the process show passion and pride for the brands they are representing. As a business, it is important at all levels of the corporate hierarchy to not only invest in exhibiting at events and tradeshows, but it is also imperative that we excite and reignite employees and start to rebuild relationships through human connections. The return of exhibitions is so important for those brands looking to reconnect with consumers. Exhibitions will give brands the platform and space to implement this.



“Throughout the pandemic brands have worked tirelessly and readjusted their strategies. For some industries this time has been of growth and thoughtful leadership with rapid product development, rebranding, and most of all strategic planning involving new ways of doing business. Trade shows allow us to be at our best, brands have new things to tell in person which we haven’t been able to do for the past two years.”



At DisplayWise, our craft is to create engaging connections through our stand designs whether they are bespoke displays or stand hire packages. Every approach to our designs involves designing displays that put your brand on show and provide a platform for you to connect with your customers.

When should brands start planning for an exhibition?


“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” – Alexander Graham Bell.


Most importantly, secure your stands. Brands should leave themselves at least 6 – 9 months to start planning internally, to then start having conversations with us 6-months out, with key considerations being budget, stand size and exhibition type. Being prepared and doing the due diligence to get project briefs in early will help ensure the stand display provider you work with is the right fit.


“Once briefed on your objectives, DisplayWise can help with the strategy from concept to creation.”

Industrial Premium Hire Exhibit for Comsteel at AusRAIL

What advice can you give to brands looking to exhibit with regards to event and stand type?


Have your brief ready. For every business or brand, the definition of success varies. If DisplayWise understands YOUR measurement of ‘success’ and the overall business objective whether this is brand awareness or new product introductions or simply a platform to re-engage suppliers/wholesalers, these details will instantly help our team interpret the brief and propose the best exhibition display solution.


“Forget complexity, the key thing to remember is that stands don’t have to be complex in size or design. A stand may be minimal in design and staging elements yet it can speak a thousand words through effective branding and graphics – we can work with you to create an engaging space. For our industry, this is an exciting time for us with retail opening and events returning – we are as prepared as we can be ready for a successful 2022.”


There’s a lot to consider when planning for any exposition. As one of Australia’s leading Exhibition Stand companies, we’ve got the experience, knowledge and insights to turn your great ideas into reality. If you have an expo or two on the calendar and haven’t begun planning yet, talk to our team of industry experts today.

Micro Events and Macro Experiences – Why your brand will benefit from Micro Events this year

Futuristic IBM Event Display at Cloud Information Exchange (CIE) Australia

As events and shows begin to fill our calendars again, there is a growing trend towards micro-events in 2022. These smaller, more intimate events allow brands to engage consumers on a more personal level, influence and ultimately shape perceptions of their business and or products.


For brands, big and small, there are immense benefits to taking part in or hosting a micro event. Providing a highly personalised experience, consumers can familiarise themselves with a brand and people whilst trialling or learning more about its products and services. So while the size of the event may be smaller, the experience and results can be great.

Futuristic IBM Event Display at Think Summit Australia


Here are 5 ways your brand can benefit from micro-events:

1. Show Your Authenticity: Do things differently

Post-pandemic, brands need to be more authentic with their audiences and understand that their business model is no longer B2C or B2B, it’s H2H – human to human. Given the intimate nature of micro-events, businesses can truly bear all and allow their audiences to meet and connect with their people and mission. For some brands, this could be in the form of a morning tea or a Q&A, while for others it could be a series of events each with a targeted message to various audience segments.


2. Macro to Micro: Events within an event

If your brand is participating in a larger exhibition or show this year, take the opportunity to develop a variety of mini activations such as workshops, side games and networking opportunities at your display or brand space. Incorporating this micro format provides a powerful opportunity to directly connect with your niche and specific audience.


Bringing interactive activities and entertainment into your micro event is a fantastic way to excite and engage your audience. There are plenty of ways to provide a unique experience that entices an audience to interact with your brand and people, from live entertainment and cocktail hours to augmented reality and gift bags.


3. Best of Both: On and offline

Meeting the needs of your target audience is essential, and in a post-covid world, that means inviting guests to participate in your in-person event or delivering an experience to their home or workplace.


Face-to-face events are fantastic for leveraging all 5 senses – ensure your event is thrilling to look at, listen to and entices visitors to touch, feel, smell and trial. In the digital space, it is equally as important to provide high-quality and engaging content for the audience to consume. This may take the form of a workshop, a webinar, creating polls on social media for the audience to interact with during the event, or even a virtual music festival, which is one of the more popular mediums for micro-events.


4. Budget-Friendly: Say yes to smart spending 

The last two years have been challenging for us all. For some, the 2022 events budget may be a little less than we’re used to. Fortunately, one of the advantages of micro-events is that given the reduced size and scope of the production, the costs are considerably less than typical or larger events and activations.


As micro events are small-scale and cost-effective, it gives organisers the room to put their money towards other features that could boost the return on investment (ROI). A recent study conducted by Enterprise Event Marketing outlined that implementing technology into your micro-event can increase attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and reduce related costs by up to 30%.


Keep the production expenses to a minimum by partnering with a full-service supplier that handles everything. DisplayWise offers a complete in-house turnkey solution for clients including start to finish project management, industrial design, printing & graphics, production, logistics, warehousing and operations.


5. Trial Run: Test and learn

With organisers and attendees potentially still hesitant about attending a large-scale event, the micro event model provides the perfect opportunity for both to test the waters and regain their confidence in the industry. For brands, conducting a micro event can act as a trial run whereby they test and learn how the audience responds to and engages with their products or service. If successful at this level, they may decide to grow this event into a larger scale or potentially role out to host more events that span over multiple locations or dates.


Micro events will be a popular choice in the years for brands looking to launch a new product or campaign. We foresee there will likely be hundreds, if not thousands, filling our calendars in the year ahead.


If you’re looking to excite, engage and WOW your customers at your next event, contact us today.