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2020 – A year in review

An honest, raw and in-depth look at the unfolding events of 2020. It was a year our industry will never forget and one that nobody saw coming…

A letter from our CEO

As this year draws to a close, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our valued clients, suppliers and partners for their loyalty and support during what has been an unprecedented year for our business and industry.


As we look back, we are incredibly thankful and proud of our team and what we have achieved. Throughout this pandemic we have continued to move forward with resilience and determination, creating new brands and product lines, diversifying our service offering and, of course, continuing to strengthen and grow our core business.


We are ready and excited to continue our journey with you in 2021.


Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas.



Dylan Retif

CEO – DisplayWise

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing at Events & Tradeshows

Your event’s impact stretches far beyond the day itself. Whether it’s increased sales, leads or brand awareness you seek, the event is just one piece of the puzzle.

Ready to level up your strategy? Harness the power of social media with our guide and get the most out of your next event or exhibition.