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The role of experiential marketing in consumer engagement

The way we consume media is constantly changing, leaving those in the industry constantly questioning where to invest their marketing dollars.

Whilst traditional advertising has been significantly impacted by the rise in digital and social media, niche channels such as outdoor, experiential, events and displays present a key opportunity to drive consumer engagement. From a consumer perspective, advertising messages are pushed upon us every day, through an ever-increasing array of media channels. From traditional and paid TV, radio and out-of-home to digital and social channels, we are overwhelmed by incoming messages, multitasking and consuming multiple media channels at the one time. Who is really listening? What is our ‘true’ audience?


At DisplayWise, we like to think of experiences as the glue that binds all marketing efforts together, the opportunity to cement a consumer’s thoughts and feelings about a brand, product or service. In contrast to traditional advertising, experiences encourage consumer interaction and the chance to actively seek information that appeals to us.


The future of experience marketing is ultimately heightened by the consumer’s desire to want and expect more. Building personal connections and providing an opportunity to touch, feel and interact is increasingly becoming a key consideration when building brands.


We have partnered with both agencies and brands for almost twenty years, creating bespoke displays that enable brands to create meaningful experiences with their customers in both traditional and nontraditional environments. From automotive brand activations in shopping centre environments to highly creative sponsorship activations at outdoor events, we live in a society that thrives off the unexpected.

Light Walkway Tunnel Tequila Patron at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

“We’ve moved so far beyond just creating traditional exhibition spaces. Exhibitions will always be at our core, but as the market has changed, we have actively responded and continue to create displays that reflect the growing needs of our clients”, said DisplayWise CEO Dylan Retif.

“We see so many examples now of our clients wanting to create experiences in unconventional places and locations, challenging industry norms and creating spaces to promote their brands in new and refreshing ways.”

Recently working on an experiential activation with well-known agency The Round Table, DisplayWise created a unique brand experience for Patron Tequila at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Meticulous detail flowed throughout the beautiful bar experience that took Sydney-siders and tourists on a journey to where Patron’s story began. Entering through a timber, hexagon tunnel that acted as a portal into their brand, there were design considerations in every corner of the space.

Speaking of the campaign, Emily Love from The Round Table commented: “We created an event space that told the story of the brand using materials, colours and textures that felt natural and authentic, whilst ensuring the space remained enjoyable for the consumer to engage and spend time in. It was important that the branding within the styled space could be done with subtle touches whilst remaining memorable as a Patron experience.”

Ultimately, an integrated marketing strategy will always win. However traditional channels should be increasingly prepared for the rise in experience expectations and embrace the opportunity to play in this creative and clever space.

Skyn Condom Confetti Brand Activation at Midsumma Festival, Melbourne

“Consumers demand exceptional experiences and, as an industry, we need to create these memorable encounters that excite audiences and leave them wanting more,” said Retif.

Having worked on over 10,000 display projects, our experience shows us that effectiveness in experiential is far more about the idea than the budget.

Experiential activations can be a much more cost-effective channel in comparison to traditional above-the-line media, enabling brands to get far more return per marketing dollar invested. From exhibition stands to sponsorship or outdoor activations, retail displays to experiential campaigns, DisplayWise can work with you to create a unique space for your next event.

Originally published in print and online with B&T Magazine

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